Army of God? Defenders of The Faith? Yup, The American Military On Crusade (Against Its Own)

There’s a good piece over at the Truthout website about U.S. Army soldiers forced to attend a Christian rock concert. Several who refused were locked down and punished.

Christian fundogelicalism is now part of the United States military in a major way, and non-Christian soldiers are suffering under the lash, if you will, of fundogelical military commanders who constantly and consistently violate their oaths to protect and defend the Constitution.

And they are enabled and abetted and encouraged by fundo fools in the Congress:

"General, you have thanked a lot of people today, and I just want to thank you," [Congressman J. Randy Forbes (R-Virginia)]said according to the Fort Lee Traveler. "I want to thank you because in a world where it is so easy to back away from one’s faith you have shown not only the courage to train and equip our Army to fight and defend freedom but to stand for faith across America."

Forbes was speaking to Maj Gen James E. Chambers, a born-again Christian, commander of Fort Eustis, where the incident took place and who was responsible for the incident.

These people seem to have forgotten that the military in this country does not ‘stand for faith’, that religious faith has no business as part of the military structure and is purely a private matter, and that coercing soldiers, or anyone for that matter, to attend religious services is completely anti-American, violating the very basic foundations of American Constitutional and legal structure.

Apparently the practice is relatively common in the service as a growing element of the command structure views it as their duty to enforce Christian beliefs and force those beliefs on the soldiers.

Read the article at the Truthout site and take a look at a primary fighter against this travesty of law at the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

If this continues, then we can count on the day coming when a Jeebus Warrior in an Army uniform will pound on your door demanding to know what religious faith you practice. And he’ll be armed.

And remember that your taxes, in this instance $23,000, paid for the concert and for this disgusting practice of fundogelicals forcing their superstitions on soldiers.

3 Responses

  1. When I was in the Army, we had a reasonably competent commander replaced with an extremely unintelligent evangelical fundamentalist commander. He was a rabid misogynist with a bizarre obsession with sex. He moved all of the junior enlisted soldiers around, so as to separate the males and females on opposite ends of barracks. He then locked all doors but the main entrance, whereby any attempted after-hours movement from one side to the other could be prevented. Some of these soldiers had been in the Army for years. His standing orders were that if two people of opposite gender were in a room, the door must remain completely open. “This is not a bordello.”

    He was a terrible commander.


    • ‘unintelligent fundogelical’ is redundant.

      I suppose this fellow couldn’t get a job in the real world…


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