American Terror

August 24, 2008 Denver, Colorado 

White supremacists Shawn Robert Adolf, Tharin Robert Gartrell and Nathan D. Johnson are arrested in Denver during the Democratic National Convention on weapons charges and for possession of amphetamines. Although police say they talked about assassinating presidential candidate Barack Obama, they are not charged in connection with that threat because officials see their talk as drug-fueled boasting. Police report the three had high powered, scoped rifles, wigs, camouflage clothing and a bulletproof vest, along with the crystal methamphetamine. Gartrell was released from prison in June 2009, while Johnson was to be freed in 2010. Adolf, who was already wanted on other charges, drew a longer sentence.

The Second Wave: Return of the Militias
Southern Poverty Law Center Special Report


2 Responses

  1. I read a bunch of Christian Identity crap last night. They don’t sound much different from the religious right.


  2. Religious right, religious left, religious religious. It’s like Gertrude Fudd said: “Fwaud is fwaud is fwaud.” And that was after her son Elmer assassinated the wabbit and fell down the wabbit hole with Alice.

    Three guys with scoped rifles, disguises, at the location of a political convention, threatening they’re going to assassinate a presidential candidate, and the cops charge them with… possessing drugs and weapons. Wait a minute Alice, I’m a-coming with you, ’cause it’s gotta be saner down the wabbit hole that it is in the United States.


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