American Terror

August 22, 2002 Tampa, Florida 

Tampa area podiatrist Robert J. Goldstein is arrested after police, called by Goldstein’s wife after he allegedly threatened to kill her, find more than 15 explosive devices in their home, along with materials to make at least 30 more. Also found are homemade C-4 plastic explosives, grenades and mines, a .50-caliber rifle, semi-automatic weapons, and a list of 50 Islamic worship centers in the area. The most significant discovery is a three-page plan detailing plans to “kill all ‘rags’“ at the Islamic Society of Pinellas County. Eventually, two other local men are also charged in connection with the plot, and Goldstein’s wife is arrested for possessing illegal destructive devices. Goldstein pleads guilty to plotting to blow up the Islamic Society and is sentenced to more than 12 years in federal prison, with a release date in 2013. His wife was released in 2006.

The Second Wave: Return of the Militias
Southern Poverty Law Center Special Report


4 Responses

  1. This stuff doesn’t make the news much, does it?


    • Not so you’d notice. Can’t have truth messing with the myth about Americans being the world’s goody-two-shoes.


  2. Americans are the only people in the world who believe the goody-two-shoes myth. Everyone else knows the truth.


    • Yeah, we’ve only got one shoe, it’s rotting at the seams, and we blew off our other leg at the knee when Sarah Palin was allowed to become a major political candidate.


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