A Selection of Vile Anti-Christian Hate Mail From The Files Of The MRFF

What follows is a random selection of anti-Christian hate mail from the files of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. The complete file in pdf form can be found at this link. It’s truly amazing how much the writers hate Christianity. Most of them seem to be utterly ignorant of the religion, and none too bright besides.

The emails are generally directed at Mikey Weinstein, who founded and runs the MRFF.

Herewith some of the most vile anti-Christian material you’re going to find anywhere. Each paragraph is a separate email.


So, sacrificed any Christian babies lately? Or are you one of those secular humanist jews?

you f*****g piece of shit jew and your stinking jew woman and inbred jew childrun and jewlover traiter daughterinlaw deserve to torture die you filth jew liberil america hating jesus hating basterd Lord willing none of us will have to wait long america is too good for dirty jew scum of your family and your commie foundasion"

My money’s on we gas you fucks first, and this time get it right. Cheers!

I want to send my help to your organization, by volunteering to help you burn down churches. Especially nigger chruches. You are a fucking idiot!! The only reason that we have been so blessed by GOD is because we were founded on christian principles!!! I CURSE you to fail and die a VERY severe death mikeyweinstein!!!!! I hope all your kids turn out gay as hell, take it in the ass, and get aids and die!!!!! Die Fag

To MRFF you bunch of egg sucking dogs have no business sticking your fucking nose in religious beliefs. Join with the egg sucking CAIR and fight against Graham. We will not be safe until Cair and people like you are eradicated like cockroaches from the land of the USA. Islam and everyone supporting Islam is evil. Accept it. You are trying to take over the USA. Not without a fight. we have had it.

Mike, you are so off base. YOU want all Christians DEAD? I read your comments. YOU are what is wrong with this country. Are you closet Muslim? Do you hate our country so much? There was NEVER anything that said there was to be a separation of church and state!!!!!!! Just freedom to practice any religion. You want to force your evil views on all people. Yes Christians believe the Bible and for your information, you and your 7 organization are helping fulfill prophecy by condemning Christ and His followers. But, whether you believe or not, YOU are still going to burn in Hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish all you people would leave my country, (I am a native American, so I have every right to this country, YOU have zero rights to this land) People like you are ushering in Islam for everyone. I bet you voted for the pretender and chief, Obama the liar. Congratulations, you are anti-American, pro-evil, anti-Semitic, anti- Christian and just plain stupid. May God forgive you, for you know not what you do I will stand for Jesus and lay my life down for His word, me and 38 million other fanatics

Victories?! LOL…you are too little too late. Its so easy to bypass your pathetic totalitarian organization, the irony is that we learned a lot from you devils, we replicate and improved all the techniques you use to conquer society. Army is ours, Navy is ours, Air Force is ours (including the big firecrackers) the only thing that isnt ours is the Marines because they are 11 mostly a bunch of butch-faggots just like the Greeks were (i heard Kissinger loves his Marines if you know what i mean…) You think we were going to let you do to us what you did to the Russians? Those FEMA camps are going to be used…the problem for you is that instead of commies being the guards its going to be Christians.

This link in your "newsletter" is all the evidence white Christians need that your loyalty is with world jewry, israel, and the talmud. Notice that even the yid who wrote this says the US Army "retaliated" against the beating of your whiney little jew. The Christian, white US army. And you claim some kind of victory? Now he gets a rabbi and kosher food. What about separation of state and religion? Being a jew isn’t about religion, my mistake. It’s about changing the world to your liking. Keep it up, big man. Many of us are not just sitting idle.

Gee….what a surprise….a jew wants to ban Christianity…they tried that 2,000 years ago…look what happened from that effort…so, ban ahead!…it only makes the followers of the one true faith, Christianity, stronger…


See, you can’t get much more anti-Christian than this bunch of clowns. Makes one wonder what kind of homes they came from that would teach them to spew such vile hatred; and what kind of religion they practice that teaches this sort of filth and encourages them to vomit it forth. Really, what religion do they belong to? Does anyone know? Some obscure sect of some unknown violent religion that caters to brain-damaged sociopaths, perhaps? Some drug-addled Satanic sect, maybe?

Very strange, very strange indeed.

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9 Responses

  1. I love the tag fundogelicals btw. I may have to start using that! The vitrole is extreme in this country, and sadly is now coming even from elected officials who are not above pandering to the worst among us in return for votes. I think that liberal-progressives must speak up loudly and wherever these sub-humans raise their heads above ground.

    Something so ugly is afoot here, and I fear that violence will soon erupt. And all of the Palin (that woman is an idiot), Beck, Hannity, McCain, Kyl, Gingrich, etc’s will all wring their bloody hands and claim they had nothing to do with it.


    • Nice feather!

      The violence has already started. The real danger will come when all the bits and tiny streams of it coalesce under the prodding of Beck and Limbaugh and their friends and it starts running through the streets in mobs while the sociopathic politicians on the right use it to take over more of the instruments of governance. I suggest that if the country turns to the Republicans this Fall and puts them back in power in Congress, the dogs will be unleashed and no American will be safe from the forces of ignorance and hatred and violence that are becoming more explicit on the right.


  2. I wonder if Jesus would write any of those email messages…?

    Christian Conservative fundamentalists are just about the most hypocritical bunch I have ever encountered. They say they are all for freedom and getting government out of the lives of people, then they turn around and want the government to outlaw what a woman does with her own body the second conception occurs, demand the government disallow gay / lesbian couples getting married, etc. etc. If they get a court judgment or referendum in their favor, they are all for the judicial branch of government. If they don’t, the scream the judges are “legislating from the bench”. They conveniently disregard the separation of church and state and claim that the USA is a Christian nation and god punishes America when it defies what they believe their god wants.

    If these hypocrites are truly followers of Christ, they will re-read (or more likely, read for the first time) the New Testament and truly follow the example their “savior” set.


  3. If you read with the premise that Orwell had Christians in mind when he devised the concept of doublespeak, you’ll see that these vile statements are, in fact, very Christian.


    • actually Orwell said he had ‘socialists’ in mind when he created the doublespeak concept.


      • Oh very good, Simon! Totally ignore what Chappie actually said so you can do what, get in a gratuitous dig at socialism? Or are you just being pedantic to show off?


  4. GL: “Really, what religion do they belong to? Does anyone know?”
    Sure, they’re angry Christians! I frankly can’t figure out why you titled this anti-Christian hate mail. It looks like typical pro-Christian hate mail to me. Here’s a more accurate title: “Hate Mail from Angry Religious Bigots”


    • Your sarcasm meter is broken.


  5. Study my Letter on Diane@Philosopyinaction.com. (Search: Crazy Inbox)


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