American Military Infested With Christian Crazies At All Levels: Mikey Weinstein, The Scourge Of Reason, Battles Them

From Alternet comes the story of Mikey Weinstein, founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, and his all-out deadly battle against Christian extremists corrupting the military and sabotaging the military’s laws and its mission.

He’s not fighting some polite battle of wits with intellectual Christians. He’s fighting some of the worst vermin of the religious right, people who want to use the military to further their insane beliefs and force them on not only foreign countries but on America itself.

These people make the Islamic jihadis look like little old ladies. Weinstein and his family have had to turn their home into a fort defended by guard dogs and sometimes by professional security teams. He and his wife, who has multiple sclerosis, are always armed, having had to get concealed carry permits for their own safety.

But he fights on, despite the tremendous toll the battle has taken on him and his family.

Within the military the influence of these sick, pathetic, and dangerous phony Christians is pervasive, and threatens to undermine and destroy democracy in America. Imagine a fanatically religious military in America. An American military. There is nothing they would not do to impose their foul and evil beliefs on the country. Their arrogance is as boundless as their hatred.

And right now one of the very few people fighting them is Mikey Weinstein. Read the article by Matt Harwood at Alternet. It’s long, but well written and goddam scary. Then go to the MRFF site and help them however you can.

[And thanks to Shorty for the tip.]

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7 Responses

  1. Good article. Ed Brayton over at Dispatches occasionally posts stuff about him.


    • Thanks for the link. Looks like an interesting blog.

      I’d read about the infestation at the AF Academy before, but didn’t realize just how widespread the infection had become until today.


      • I read his blog, if I may say, religiously. 8)

        I even comment occasionally.

        IIRC, his blog posts about Weinstein were on just that subject. Here’s the last one I could find about him.


  2. Since when people that know what is going on and how evil the political/economical/media elites are become “crazies”?? Ohh in a Orwellian World…


    • Motes and beams, dude, motes and beams.

      The fundogelical crazies don’t know what’s going on – they’re too busy forcing their narrow, bigoted, hateful views on everybody around them. They don’t want to deal with the real world, nor do they have the intelligence and critical abilities necessary to deal with reality.


  3. He’s been on this mission for a while and it has been hell for him personally. I had the chance to talk to him one night and do some research on his methods and motives and he is one tough man. MRFF and Mikey are a bit hyperbolic on occasion and Chris fights with Glenn Beck too much but otherwise they seem very genuinely concerned about freedom for and from religion in the military.

    My feature from last year on Mikey and MRFF is here if anyone is interested –


    • Thanks, Matt. Good article.

      And I think there’s no such thing as fighting too much against Beck.


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