Want To Get Your Mad On? Today’s ‘Treason of the Senate’

Common Dreams today notes that President Obama has hired a woman named Liz Fowler to implement the new health care law.

She is a textbook example of how corruption, and in effect, treason, operates in the Senate, in the Congress, and in the government. Liz Fowler is a handmaiden of government corruption. She enables, she commits it, she gets paid very well to corrupt government and put the corporate boot on your neck.

From the article:

Fowler headed up a team of 20-some Senate Finance Committee staffers who helped draft the bill in the Senate. She was Baucus’ top health care aide from 2001-2005 and left that job in 2006 to become an executive at WellPoint, the nation’s largest private insurer. She was vice president of public policy at WellPoint, helping develop public-policy positions for the company. In 2008, she rejoined Baucus to work on health reform legislation.

You won’t find any discussion of this appointment in the media. The so-called journalists that populate Washington no longer see corruption, even when their faces are rubbed in it. They are, in fact, part of it. As the man said, for evil to triumph it is only necessary that good men do nothing. It’s hard to say the journalists are good men, but they sure are doing a lot of nothing on key issues like corruption. After all, it’s a lot cheaper and a lot easier to glorify the baby-faced barefoot bandit and to babble about Lindsay Lohan’s tears on the way to jail. But investigating corruption, that’s too hard, that costs money, that means being an outsider. The job of Washington and its journalists is to sell you out to the corporations and to stop you from whimpering about it or worse, getting mad and actually doing something intelligent about it.

The United States government no longer works for the good of the American people. The politicians, the administrators, the key bureaucrats, all have been bought by the corporations. And they sell you out every day, every chance they get. The Republicans are the worst offenders of all, but the Democrats are dirty too.

Bill Moyers commented on Fowler and Baucus and the corruption in Washington. Watch the video here.


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