American Terror

July 4, 1997, Texas 

Militiaman Bradley Playford Glover and another heavily armed antigovernment activist are arrested before dawn near Fort Hood, in central Texas, just hours before they planned to invade the Army base and slaughter foreign troops they mistakenly believed were housed there. In the next few days, five other people are arrested in several states for their alleged roles in the plot to invade a series of military bases where the group believes United Nations forces are massing for an assault on Americans. All seven are part of a splinter group from the Third Continental Congress, a kind of militia government-in-waiting. In the end, Glover is sentenced to two years on Kansas weapons charges, to be followed by a five-year federal term in connection with the Fort Hood plot. The others draw lesser terms. Glover is released in 2003, the last of the seven to get out.

The Second Wave: Return of the Militias
Southern Poverty Law Center Special Report


5 Responses

  1. So, uh, are you saying, with this series, that we’d better fight them here so we won’t have to fight them over there?


    • Aside from 9/11 these people have done more damage than the people we’re slaughtering in Iraq and Afghanistan and wherever else the government is sending our military and intelligence operatives. But these people are also being capably handled by our domestic police and intelligence forces, and we’d be doing a lot better overseas if we used good police and intelligence work instead of massive armies. Sledgehammer. Gnat. Doesn’t work. Makes more gnats. Breaks hammers.


  2. …we’d be doing a lot better overseas if we used good police and intelligence work instead of massive armies.

    Probably, but we wouldn’t have many opportunities to use all those whiz-bang military toys Americans keep manufacturing. The folks here at home don’t like us to use those toys on our own people – the toys are for use against a) not-white people, or, in extenuating circumstances, b) white people from other countries who’ve managed to really, really piss us off.


  3. Restraint and working within the law are reserved for “the right kind” of people.


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