Top Kill Fails? Junk Shot Next BP Failure?

9:00 p.m. Thursday

MSNBC a short time ago on the Olbermann show reported that BP had ‘paused’ the top kill procedure for several hours in order to, according to BP, ‘assess’ the situation. They then restarted the procedure, and began talking about doing the junk shot process.

Not being an engineer, The Lion can’t comment on the science and engineering, but putting some pieces together suggests the top kill has failed.

In order to keep the pressure on the oil rising under pressure, BP would have had to keep continuous counter-pressure. Stopping the counter-pressure would seem to be counterproductive, in fact allowing the oil  pressure to push more crude up the pipe into the Gulf of Mexico.

Also, the video shows the drilling mud pouring from the equipment through what appear to be leaks, again a situation that must weaken  the counter-pressure. You can’t pressurize a system that leaks.

If you can’t pressurize the system sufficiently, you can’t keep the oil out of the Gulf.

The Lion suggests that the top kill process has failed, and predicts that the ‘junk shot’ will also fail.

The Lion further suggests that given the size of the flow, the Gulf cannot wait the three months for the relief wells to be drilled, leaving the final desperate move of exploding high-yield explosives at the well in an attempt to shut down the flow. The Lion suspects that before too long the government will detonate a nuclear device at the well, and that may likely be the least damaging option.

Louisiana’s marshes are dead and won’t recover for decades. The nurseries of sea life are dead. The nurseries of bird life are now death traps. In due time people will begin to sicken and many will die.

If a hurricane of any power forms or enters the Gulf, as is likely, the carnage will likely be more massive than we can even imagine now.

BP, already having demonstrated criminal negligence and corruption, should be destroyed and its executives jailed and made destitute. Every penny they own or have hidden should be taken from them, their homes and land taken from them, and they should spend the rest of  their lives cleaning the beaches and working in the marshes of Louisiana. The same should happen to anyone from Halliburton and Transocean who share responsibility for this catastrophe.

The corporate takeover and destruction of America must stop, and it must stop here and now, and the corporate criminals must pay, as must the politicians who take their money and do their bidding.



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  1. This is typical liberal gibberish. BP is at fault, yet somehow all of Corporate America is to blame. Then again, anyone who would cite Keith Olbermann’s show for anything other than to point out it’s dishonesty, is not serious .


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