A Message To Obama And The Politicians About The Oil Spill In The Gulf Of Mexico

You and your people are behaving like blind fools. Instead of doing what’s right for the most important matter, the environment and the climate, you give away our money to banks and rich people, and you diddle and dawdle while the Gulf Coast is destroyed by a company and an industry that the Federal government and the politicians, yourself included, are far too cozy with.

The earth, the environment, the global climate cannot be bargained with, cannot be compromised with, cannot be treated politically. The natural world does not care. It does not bargain. It does not sit down at fancy tables and agree to compromises. You allowed BP to lie for its permits, and now the Louisiana marshes, at the very least, are destroyed. You are allowing Shell to conduct exploratory drilling in one of the harshest environments on earth, one that, should an ‘accident’ happen, Shell and all the government’s men will not be able to fix. You allow ignorant, stupid men like Senator James Inhofe to promulgate lies and deceit in the service of his oil paymasters, and the entire earth suffers.

What is happening on earth now, in large part due to the United States using too many resources too wastefully and failing to provide solid leadership to the world by action and example, is nothing less than a matter of national security, and should be treated as such. The country, indeed the world, needs the modern day equivalent of a Manhattan Project operating under a powerful national security mandate. The Inhofes must be quelled, not compromised with, not listened to, but quelled by whatever means necessary. The oil companies must be dragged under the heel of the government, and the people must be forced into sacrifice and into the process of fighting global warming and fighting the culture that brought us the Deep Horizon catastrophe.

Human civilization depends on it. Our lives depend on it. Failing to meet this challenge, and meet it hard and head-on, guarantees that your grandchildren will, if born at all, be born into a dying world of misery and pain and suffering.

Failure to act, failure to take seriously the ongoing catastrophe of global warming and the continued use of fossil fuels, will make you and the crop of strutting, ego-driven politicians in Washington and the other capitols of the world the object of the last curses of the last dying humans on the planet.




4 Responses

  1. In light of the BP oil calamity it’s quite obvious that something must be done, and fast, if we are to save our world from corporations that would prefer to place huge profits above that of our environmental and financial welfare.

    As large corporations gobble up smaller corporations in an attempt to seize an even bigger piece of the global economic pie, it seems that businesses have been allowed to grow, unfettered, into unwieldy corporate behemoths (a.k.a., British Petroleum) with little, if any, regulations regarding their obligations to national sovereignties or allegiances.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I believe that if a corporation begins its “life” in a particular country, than it has an obligation to that country and its people: due in part to the patronage of its citizens throughout the years in helping that corporation to grow. When I hear about American businesses pulling up stakes and moving to other countries in lieu of cheaper labor and supplies elsewhere, I feel both embarrassed and betrayed. (They would be nothing if it weren’t for people like you and me. After all, we purchased their services, time and time again, fostering them constantly by giving them the opportunity to flourish. Our final reward for all our efforts? Millions of fellow Americans out of work, all desperately hoping that their unemployment benefits never run out.)

    I agree that the bad news is not just happening here in America, but around the globe. I blame that on the evolution of the business model: over the years, it has been compressed into a precise science in an effort to squeeze every last drop of profit out of the proverbial “bottom-line.” I began to notice the change in the late 1970’s when I was in my teens. Back then, it was a different world for me and I didn’t seem to care too much. Today however, it is a different story.

    What can we collectively do as Americans?

    Contact your representatives in the House and Senate. Let them know that

    big business should be regulated and ask them to enact laws to:

    1.Ensure that all corporations “born” within the United States deter from any and all actions that would adversely affect our country;

    2.Place high tariffs on imports from American businesses that move their bases of operations (not to mention our jobs) to other regions of the world;

    3.Work to limit their corporate power and influence in Washington D.C. by passing laws whereby politicians, found to have ties with said corporations or corporate lobbyists resign.

    4.Endeavor to ban all corporate favors and corporate lobbyists from Washington D.C.

    Essentially, it’s up to us to fashion our own future. If we don’t, rest assured that someone, or some corporation will.

    •(I know that BP was not born and reared here in the United States. I was merely using it as a reference as to what corporations are capable of doing if left to their own devices.)


  2. Rep. Charlie Melancon’s response is such a contrast to Sen. Mary Landrieu who has been on the news defending off shore drilling:


  3. We’ve wasted nearly 40 years since the first oil crisis of the 70s. There was talk of alternate energy sources then, and alternative forms of energy still have barely progressed beyond the level of talk and daydreams. We could already live in a vastly different world energy-wise if we hadn’t been so damned complacent and lazy.

    But, we Americans do complacent and lazy really well. That’s why we still haven’t joined the rest of the world in using the metric system – people couldn’t be bothered learning something new. Jesus Christ – it’s not that hard, and it’s a far more orderly and logical system than the Imperial one we’ve clung to like idiots. But no, we cling to our ounces and pints, and our SUVS, and we turn our heat too high and our air conditioning too low – because we can’t tolerate being made the least bit uncomfortable. We’re on the verge of comforting ourselves right out of existence.


    • And we will have richly deserved and earned well our extinction. It’s just too bad we’ll take so many species with us. That’s the real crime.


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