The Rand Paul Boogey

Last night ophthalmologist Rand Paul of Kentucky, the newly anointed Republican candidate for Kentucky Senator, went on the Rachel Maddow show and demonstrated his new dance steps.

Ms. Maddow had a simple question for him, based on his previous comments and expressed beliefs. She wanted to know if Mr. Paul would allow private businesses to discriminate against people by refusing to serve classes of people the owners didn’t care for, for example, blacks, gays, or Latinos.

Mr. Paul refused to answer the question. Not outright, of course: that would have been too honest and too principled. Nope, this fellow, this doctor who presents himself as a principled and honest man in contrast to the evil politicians of Washington, danced around the question like a bug on a hot skillet for almost twenty minutes. He claimed he favors banning racial discrimination in government institutions and federally funded institutions, but that’s about as far as he’ll go.

He tried talking about anything else, including the second amendment and the first amendment, and he finished up by attacking Maddow for asking the question. His obfuscations and distractions are just amazing to watch. And Maddow persisted, refusing to let him off the hook the way most media people would. She’s a gem.

If you’re not yelling at the video after a couple of minutes you’re not getting the point.

While he loudly proclaims he finds racism vile, he would, if we can take his refusal to answer the central question as indicative of his true views, allow discrimination in any privately held business that serves the public. He would return the country to the era of Jim Crow and segregation, the age of water fountains, bathrooms, and lunch counters for ‘Coloreds’ and ‘Whites’.

Mr. Paul holds other views that appear to be to the far right of the far right, but his views on the matter of race mark him unequivocally as a racist who would enshrine racism in the law and politics of the United States.

And he possesses the most boringly annoying manner of speaking! Fingernails on a chalkboard, anyone? Not that that’s important, but really, his voice just cries out to have a dirty sock stuffed in his mouth.

Mr. Paul’s celebration speech Tuesday night started out with him saying his Tea Party had a message for America. He said he and his ilk were going to take America back.

Given his performance on Maddow last night one can fairly assume he meant take it back from the mulatto in the White House. (Genteel Kentucky Tea Partiers probably don’t say ‘nigger’ out loud.)

So let’s hear it for Rand Paul as he does the get-down racist boogey! Yowsah!


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7 Responses

  1. Wow – what a creep! He’s also a lousy dancer.

    Progressives can’t let him get away with trying to redefine “institutional racism.” He’s limiting its use to the “institutions” of government, public schools and the like. That’s utterly wrong. “Institutional racism” refers to the fact that, historically in the USA, racism has been so ubiquitous that it became institutionalized in social and cultural norms. (Christian privilege is another example of a pervasive mindset that has become institutionalized in American culture and society.) Racism itself is the institution referred to by the term “institutional racism,” not the “institutions” of schools, governments, the US military etc.


  2. Good catch, chappie!

    Was I right about the voice? 🙂


  3. And Paul really explains his point. He wants private business to have the right to discriminate, and he wants government services so small that poor people or disabled people or people whoever needs services have absolutely nothing. Pretty plain, for all the dancing around he did.

    (Damn…Thursday should have been named “The Grumpy Lion takes the underbelly in his teeth!)


  4. Ewwww!! A dirtly sock in his mouth. Great punishment. He deserves it. What a jerk.


  5. Sorry, I mean dirty (not dirtly!)


    • I rather like ‘dirtly’.


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