Director Of Tea Party Express Strikes Again At His ‘Animals Of Allah’

A couple of things you should know about Mark Williams.

He’s a radio talk show personality.

He’s the Director of the Tea Party Express, and a leader within the Tea Party.

All you need to know about Mark Williams can be found in his Friday blog entry in which he calls Muslims ‘animals of allah’ and refers to Allah as the ‘terrorists’ monkey-god’.

All you need to know about the Tea Party’s willing and cheerful acceptance of Mr. Williams’ hatred, violence, and bigotry can be found in an earlier post from The Lion.

The Lion intended to comment today on Mr. Williams’ Friday blog post, but frankly the post speaks for itself.

If you read it and agree with him, then you are as sick and hate-filled and violent as Mr. Williams.

If you disagree with him you will feel at the very least a bit of nausea in the pit of your stomach that America could breed such a sick mind, indeed, that America can countenance a political party that lauds the disgusting depths from which Mr. Williams springs.

If you do read his post, pay particular heed to the picture of the three year old boy, and the caption beneath the picture. It suggests that Mr. Williams can reasonably be supposed to belong to the savage subset of humans who, on defeating an enemy, would grab children and infants by their feet, swing them around, and smash their heads against the nearest tree or rock.

Considering his choice of photograph of Miss Muslim USA and his comments following the photograph, one might reasonably expect that once Mr. Williams had finished bashing the heads of children he would further satisfy his hatred and blood-lust by raping and murdering Muslim women. He does make it obvious that he’s not interested in treating Muslims as if they were human, and it is a staple of warfare that dehumanizing the people you regard as your enemy makes it much easier to kill them and to commit atrocities against them.

Mr. Williams’ motivating complaint in his Friday blog is the construction of a mosque in New York City, apparently too close to the World Trade Center site for his liking. His basic motivation is perhaps more evident in his opening paragraph, in which he pushes sales of his book to the people, most likely Tea Partiers, who appreciate his hatred and his violence, and who are too ignorant to grasp his ignorance, and who are either inclined to follow him down his dark road of violent bigotry, or are too stupid to figure out just where he and the rest of the Tea Party leadership want to go in the hell they would like to unleash.

It would not be unfair to ask how much innocent Muslim blood must be shed for each sale of Mr. Williams’ book. After all, after reading his post, one can only imagine his joy at the American brutalization of two Muslim nations and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocents, including women and children by the thousands.

After all, they’re just the animals of allah living under a monkey god. That kind of talk should sell a few books for Mr. Williams.


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3 Responses

  1. If you read it and agree with him, then you are as sick and hate-filled and violent as Mr. Williams.

    If you disagree with him you will feel at the very least a bit of nausea in the pit of your stomach….

    I can’t do either of these things, as that post is password protected now. Why am I not surprised?


    • It’s the web. There’s no place to hide. See new post at GL.


  2. Thanks, Ric. You saved me the bother of finding it myself.


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