Americans Got No Imagination, According To Our Best And Brightest

In today’s Common Dreams there’s an article from the Boston Globe about the Department of Homeland Security seeking to take land from a Vermont farmer in order to beef up, to the tune of eight million dollars, a crappy little Canadian border crossing station.

But that’s not the important bit in the piece. This is the really important bit:

Allison Stanger, director of the Rohatyn Center for International Affairs at Middlebury College, said the government is right to shore up aging, little-used border crossings.

"If there’s a weak link in the chain, that’s precisely what our enemies would target for getting things into the country,” she said. "It seems far-fetched to think that something like this could happen in beautiful Vermont. But before it happened, what American would have thought that someone would fly a plane into a building?”

According to Ms. Stanger, Americans are too damn stupid to have looked at the World Trade Center towers, sticking up like two very sore thumbs way above the New York City skyline, and fail to consider that a) an airplane might collide with them or b) that an airplane might be flown into them.

The Lion would venture that most people who looked at those buildings had one or both of those thoughts, and if you had the first one you didn’t have to be too imaginative to come up with the second.

According to Ms. Stanger Americans have no imagination, none at all, despite having access to the vast wealth of news and information that flows around the world twenty-four hours a day and despite having seen some really brutal acts by various terrorist and military groups virtually every week.

So what else could Americans not imagine?

How about floating submerged mines or heavy explosives down to some of the giant dams in the western states?

How about loading a legitimate cargo ship under a flag of convenience with high explosives and sailing it into the piers of the Golden Gate bridge?

How about loading a U-Haul truck with explosives and blowing it up in front of a Federal building? Oh, wait, that’s been done, by an American citizen, all white and crew-cut, in Oklahoma City.

How about sending a team of suicidal Islamic warriors into an attack on underprotected nuclear plants, or pathetically unguarded chemical plants in densely populated areas of the country?

How about spending years developing a plan to infiltrate and take over a liquid natural gas tanker and blowing it up in a major American port? That’s probably already under way.

How about getting some of those now publicly available DNA mixing kits, a competent set of fanatic scientists, and turning loose some suicidal pathogen-infected jihadis in the coffee shops and restaurants of New York City and Chicago and Los Angeles? That should be doable these days.

How about doing a bunch of small things, like weakening water delivery mains around the country to cause blowouts like Boston had a few days ago? Do a lot of small things that add up to huge economic damage, and make them seem like simple infrastructure failures.

How about having fifty operatives in fifty cities drop about a dozen packets in each city, packets containing white powder, some of which is anthrax or something that reads as anthrax in standard tests? Put them in restaurants and supermarkets. That should cause some upset and some economic damage.

How about kidnapping Ms. Stanger and putting her in a creative thinking class for six months or so? She’s obviously not bright enough to hold a position of responsibility that requires the use of some imagination.

She’s not the only one, of course. The United States has had entire governments that didn’t have enough imagination to figure out that there are bright, imaginative, deadly people in the world who can apparently out-think and out-imagine American bureaucrats.

Such people flew airplanes into the World Trade Center because the idiots in charge in Washington just couldn’t imagine such a thing and saw no need to beef up security here in the United States. Especially when they thought it was so much more dramatic and political to attack third world countries to gain votes for re-election.

They didn’t have the slightest idea of what that would unleash. Talk about a lack of imagination! 


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2 Responses

  1. Allie really needs to get out more.


  2. Is Allison Stanger really the best qualified person to direct a college’s Center for International Affairs? Perhaps, as writechic suggested, Stanger needs to venture outside of the Vermont woods every now and then.


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