Inspirational Story

The Globe’s got one of those upbeat, inspirational stories today, written by Peter Schworm. Worth reading.

It’s not a Grumpy Lion sort of story. It’s all contrasty to The Lion’s usual fare. Sort of like leavening.

Could it be that The Lion is getting soft in his old age?

Or maybe he’s just taking a page from the book of Life Is A Cookie

Well, dammit all, don’t expect The Lion to make a habit of this sort of thing, pandering to the sentimental freaks out there. Not gonna happen.

It’s an aberration. You got that, an aberration! Never gonna happen again. Old age is not gonna make The Lion soft, by gum. Fahgeddaboutit!



7 Responses

  1. HAHAHA – awesome!


  2. Naw. You’re not getting soft. You just proved you have more homo sapien genes in you than those feline one you like to emphasize. 😉

    Here’s what I took from it.

    Humanity is getting better, and not because of religious influence. Science has given us the ability to deal with the imperfections of our evolution from simple primates. Dyslexia is one of those. In the 60s, he was simply considered stupid, and shunted to the back of the bus. Now science and its progeny, technology, has given us the ability to compensate for such human anomalies, so that he can enjoy the advantages of education his disability previously denied him.

    He wasn’t stupid, he made the Deans list. He just needed to be able to do the work, and his brain wouldn’t cooperate.

    The solution seems to be almost too simple. My daughter has learning disabilities. When she tried to take her drivers test on a machine that she had to read, she kept failing it. Then, they gave the test to her verbally, and she passed with flying colors.

    Its a great human interest story that gives me more hope than a prayer would.


  3. Suh-weet! I love that guy. 🙂


  4. Is the Grumpy Lion morphing into the Cuddly Kitty?

    That was a great story. Thanks for the link.


    • Are you /trying /to get banned from Grumpy Lion?!


      • Oooo, tough. 😀


        • You guys are picking on me, aren’t you?


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