Senator Lindsey Graham: Idiot or Cynic?

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, a Republican much in the news lately for his hissy fits when he doesn’t get his way, takes a new tack, according to a story in today’s Globe.

The story, by Matthew Daly of the Associated Press, talks about the falling support in Congress for offshore drilling. The disaster overtaking the Gulf of Mexico, a disaster that may well make every other fossil fuel disaster look like the spill from a can of motor oil, has put some crimps into the views of those willing to go along with the profound and well-thought-out philosophy of ‘Drill, baby, drill!’

Let’s skip the BP-speak about the catastrophe and get to the point. An unrestrained oil field from 18,000 feet under the floor of the Gulf is raging into the Gulf. BP has fought regulation and safety measures tooth and nail for years, and found a willing partner in the Republicans and some fool Democrats. BP declared, often and loudly, in its application for this well that it was safe, that nothing could go wrong that they weren’t prepared for. As is the way with corporations smelling money, they lied. And not too long from now they will start making loud noises about how they’re not to blame, that it was somebody else’s fault, and they’ll start handing out cash to regulators and politicians in an effort to get the corporation off the hook.

In the meantime an entire vast ecosystem will be destroyed, an economy will be destroyed, and the effects will reverberate throughout the larger national economy. If not restrained soon the oil will kill millions of animals: mammals, birds, fish. Some species will likely become extinct. Some additional number of humans will die, either from direct or indirect effects of the spill. The fragile marshes that are all that have stood between the land and major Gulf storms will disappear entirely. The fisheries will take years, if not decades to recover, if they recover at all.

So we’re not talking chopped liver here. And this is not the first spill from offshore drilling, and it certainly will not be the last. Oil spills are a way of life offshore. When Mr. Obama said such drilling was safe, either he was lying or he was being lied to.

But no matter how bad the disaster, we can count on some damn fool from the Congress to count up his campaign cash and say something stupid about it. Today it’s Senator Graham. While others in Congress are changing their view because of this deadly wake-up call in the Gulf, little Lindsey hangs in:

But Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina said Friday that he has not wavered in his support [for offshore drilling]. “We’ve had problems with car design, but you don’t stop driving,’’ he told The Greenville News. “The Challenger accident was heart-breaking but we went back to space.’’

The Senator is a lawyer, schooled in logic and reason and rhetoric, all of which he has apparently taken leave of. The ongoing destruction of the Gulf of Mexico is not a matter of car design; it is not a matter of losing a few astronauts to broken heat shielding tiles; it is not a minor matter at all.

Either little Lindsey has taken leave of his senses entirely; or is pocketing some nice sums from BP and their friends; or is in the early stages of simple senility; or he’s thinking you’ll buy his line because you’re too stupid to see the complete failure in his logic.

It is doubtful that Mr. Graham will enlighten us as to his mental condition or his motive in making that statement. Nor, having made it, can anything he says be trusted regarding offshore drilling. He’s made it painfully obvious that he has not a clue about the matter.

What is certain is that Mr. Graham, like most Republican and a good many Democratic Senators, is not fit to be a United States Senator and is not interested in working for the benefit of the people of America.

Perhaps the voters should throw a hissy fit and toss Senators like Graham out. That’s if the voters can drag themselves away from their spectacles, like faux professional wrestling, and weekly NFL advertising spectaculars, and watching ecosystems die as if it were entertainment.


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4 Responses

  1. While Wind power won’t reduce dependency on oil so much, it will cut down on reliance on coal burning power which is a large contributor to greenhouse gases. Instead of drilling for oil in the Gulf, why don’t they start installing wind farms?

    But as long as we have to burn oil, the drive to drill will probably win out over other measures. It’s inevitable, and damn the environment, because we got drive our SUVs donchaknow.

    And Graham’s an idiot, so this post doesn’t change my opinion of him. It would be really refreshing to have Congress Critters actually work for us, rather than themselves.


    • Drive to drill! Drill to drive!

      Offshore wind farms bring out the stupid in people more than offshore drilling does. Witness the nine year battle on the Cape. Part of it is stupidity, and part of it is simple greed – the local Indians decided just recently to get into it. They’re claiming the wind farm will interfere with their morning spiritual practice of looking out over Nantucket Sound, despite the fact that they have rarely been seen doing so and that some of their own say the claim is nonsense. And they’re claiming that the wind farm will be built on their ancestral lands – land which has been underwater for several thousand years. My take? They’re looking to extort money from the developer and the government. Other claims by other groups have been just as foolish and all disproven by study after study after study.

      I’m especially fond of the ones who claim the windfarm will damage the tourism industry (notwithstanding the damage the tourism industry has done to the Cape). Everywhere else in the world people go to see the windfarms; they enhance tourism, they attract tourists. Can’t seem to get that through to the idiots around here.


  2. we got drive our SUVs

    When I was in Rome last month, I was stuck by how small most of the cars were; a good percentage of the cars I saw were Smart cars. Also, many people – and I mean many – rode small motorcycles/scooters. Granted, that was Rome – maybe some people in other towns drive bigger vehicles than I saw there – but, if their gas prices are anything like Roman gas prices, I doubt that many people want SUVs.


    • Smart cars require people smart enough to buy them, and one thing were short of in this country is smarts. And that really smarts.


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