Oklahoma: Doctors Lying To Pregnant Women Is Now A Legal Sacrament

Oklahoma is not known for the high caliber of its political representatives. Witness the citizenry’s choice of James Inhofe to represent them in the United States Senate. Mr. Inhofe makes the proverbial box of rocks look like a Ph.D. candidate in advanced mathematics.

Apparently large majorities of the Oklahoma State Legislature are similarly inclined as well as morally bankrupt despite being in the so-called Bible Belt of the nation.

The Legislature, by large majorities, overrode the governor’s veto of a bill that encourages physicians to lie to pregnant women about the health of their fetus.

The relevant legislative summary of the law reads:

HB2656 creates a new law stating that in a wrongful life action or a wrongful birth action, no damages may be recovered for any condition that existed at the time of a child’s birth if the claim is that the defendant’s act or omission contributed to the mother’s not having obtained an abortion.

In sum, if your doctor thinks your baby may be born with a defect, any defect, and believes that if he tells you that the fetus is defective you will get an abortion, he can lie to you and say the fetus is healthy. When the baby is born, and it suffers, oh, say spina bifida, or some condition that will let it suffer in pain for a few hours before it dies, or face a lifetime of living as a mindless vegetable, you have no legal recourse against that doctor.

He can crow to his fundogelical friends and the doctor killers in the anti-abortion movement about his achievement in preventing you from killing a baby. And you, Mom, would have to take it.

Aside from the suffering, emotional and physical, that the doctor puts you through in such a case; aside from the suffering the doctor decided your infant should go through; aside from all that, there is the fact that now no doctor involved in women’s pregnancies can be trusted to tell his patient the truth about her condition. Your doctor has been given the legal right to lie to you.

The lies of doctors are now legal sacraments in Oklahoma.

No woman in Oklahoma can trust her doctor from this time on.

And she can thank the religious fundos for the legalization of this fundamental betrayal of her rights, of her health, of her family.

One author of the bill is Representative Daniel Sullivan, a Republican whose campaign site identifies him, in capital letters in large type, as a Conservative, and as Compassionate.

Representative Sullivan is on the board of directors of an organization known as the Tulsa Dream Center, whose site contains the following creed:

Our vision is to see thousands of people restored and empowered to achieve the dream that God has for them. The Tulsa Dream Center is about people – a place of unconditional love, acceptance and forgiveness. As people experience the love and compassion of God, a new generation will arise to lift their families and neighborhoods from poverty to prosperity, from crime to caring, from brokenness to blessing, from sickness to soundness, from fear to freedom!

Apparently the dream of Mr. Sullivan and the TDC Christians is to inflict as much suffering as possible on women who dare to create a defective fetus.

Mr. Sullivan can be contacted via email at danielsullivan@okhouse.gov. His phone number at the Legislature is (405) 557-7361.

Mr. Sullivan’s co-author is state Senator Brian A. Crain, also a Republican, and a Baptist, about whom The Lion could find little information. His email is crain@oksenate.gov, and his Legislative phone number is (405) 521-5620.

And one further note on the hypocrisy of the Oklahoma State Legislature. An earlier bill insisted that doctors provide ultrasound information to pregnant women. According to a Legislature news release quoting the bill’s sponsor, a Representative Lisa Billy:

"For women facing an unplanned pregnancy, there is often a sense of distress, panic and fear that can drive people to make hasty decisions without considering long-term consequences. This legislation will empower those expectant mothers by giving them as much information as possible – in advance – before they make an irrevocable, life-altering decision," said Billy, R-Purcell. "Women should have the choice to see that image, and to deny them that opportunity is baffling."

Research has shown that many women, after seeing an ultrasound, will opt to have a child.

"We simply should not deny women this important medical information," Billy said.

We should not deny women important medical information.

Except when it suits the religious preferences of an arrogant Legislature, the religious arrogance of the doctor, and the vast egos of both.

Then it’s the woman be damned, and so what if the infant suffers terribly.

Oklahoma’s ironic state motto is ‘Labor conquers all things’. How you Oklahoma pregnant women doing with that conquery thing now?


Thanks to Spanish Inquisitor for legalese aid.

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9 Responses

  1. Oh, great. Religious hypocrisy in a the Bible Belt. That’s so passé .


    This is what you get when you arrive at the intersection of science and religion. For everyone of you that thinks that there is no conflict between science and religion remember this statute. Religious wing-nuts who try to ram their conception of religion down everyone’s throats, are actually endangering the lives and health of the population, taking away informed consent from the patients under a doctors care, and in the process depriving people of their civil liberties to make decisions concerning their own bodies. All because their god says they know better.

    Science has created the ability for women and their partners to have knowledge about their unborn children that their parents could only dream of, and to make advance decisions concerning their children based on that knowledge. Religion insists that knowledge isn’t good for them, and tries to take it away. Religion has always been anti-knowledge, because religion works best in the dark. The more ignorant, the more fervent the adherent.

    So this is just religion doing what religion does to protect itself.

    I really don’t see how this will pass legal muster. Roe is based on the right of women making their own choices about their own bodies, and was a derived from a whole series of cases involving personal privacy. This statute intrudes into their privacy far more than even a proscription against abortion would, because it’s purpose is to make sure that only unhealthy, non-viable babies are born. It will have no effect on healthy pregnancies and babies.

    If that’s not the definition of evil, I don’t know what is.


    • As it says on the sign outside the church: “Reason is the enemy of faith.”


  2. To bad there’s not some sort of disclosure policy for those practicing witch doctoring. In Alabama they are stupid enough to code it in their practice’s name…ie Faith Family Health.


  3. How about Filthy Lying Doctors Health Services?


  4. Un-fucking-believable. Lying for Jesus has reached a new low. Oklahoma has out-Texased Texas.


  5. […] Oklahoma: Doctors Lying To Pregnant Women Is Now A Legal Sacrament « Grumpy Lion […]


  6. it really is a shame that you have chosen to misrepresent this in such a childish “bill maher ” like manner. the younger generations with all their specialness actually believe every word of yellow articles like this. you really need to sit down with someone that can explain in detail the ideas & purposes and hoped for results of these laws. I did and it gave me a much clearer understanding. light years beyond the gibberish you write in this article. nothing but truly pitiful hogwash here.


  7. Hey everyone, you hear that! I’m on a par with Bill Maher.

    Who do you want me to sit down with, Kali? Some Christian fundogelical who lives in a world of religious delusion? Sorry, pal, or lady, or whatever, the law is bullshit, the Christians pushing this sort of thing are bullshit, the legislators are bullshit, and frankly you sound pretty much like any crackhead with a cause and a glint in his eye could bullshit you. Apparently you would know gibberish since you seem to buy into it and mistake it for reason.


  8. This is not fair! Telling lies and playing with one’s life is such a cheap thing. That means now it is very difficult to find Oklahoma doctor who is genuine and trustworthy.


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