Is Priestly Logic Not A Wonder To Behold?

Gillian Flaccus of the Associated Press writes today of the former archbishop of San Francisco, named William Levada, who allowed a priest named Milton Walsh to remain in place at St. Mary’s Cathedral in San Francisco after the Archbishop learned in 1995 Walsh had molested a boy in 1985.

Cardinal William Levada, then archbishop of San Francisco, said in a 2005 deposition obtained by the Associated Press that he did nothing and did not contact police because he trusted the Rev. Milton Walsh would not re-offend and his predecessor handled the case adequately.

Levada now heads the Vatican office that is supposed to remove pedophile priests from active ministry.

The Vatican’s lawyerly comment on Levada’s action, or non-action:

The Vatican’s lawyer, Jeffrey Lena, says Levada handled the case properly by the era’s norms, which have evolved significantly in recent years. The Holy See told bishops this month they should report abuse to police rather than keep cases quiet as had been the practice for decades.

“One thing the law teaches: It is fundamentally unfair to apply standards of conduct retroactively,’’ Lena said. “And yet, even if one were to do so, it must be acknowledged there was no re-offense by the priest. So in this case, the old approach did work.’’

It seems to The Lion that the standards of conduct in society in 1985 and 1995 were pretty much the same. Sexually molesting children was illegal then, it’s illegal now.

As for there being no re-offense by the priest, unless he was watched twenty four hours a day, there is no way the Vatican or Mr. Lena can say the priest didn’t do another kid. As society has learned to the sorrow of its children, the word of a priest is worthless. As worthless as the word of ex-priests who make it to the Pope’s chair.

To the Vatican child buggery is just politics and public relations. Don’t get caught. Wait for the storm to blow over. Obfuscate. Lie. Hide. These guys ought to work in the United States Senate, these days over on the Republican side.


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