Rachel Maddow Digs Up The Racist Roots Of Arizona’s Shiny New Anti-Latino Law

Last night Rachel Maddow dug into the white supremacist connections behind Arizona’s shiny new law enshrining bigotry and racism on the way to pinning identifying chili pepper logos on Latinos in that state.

The people behind the law are pretty foul examples of white Americans. Racists, eugenicists, white supremacists, and a neo-Nazi hugger (literally) state Senator.

The immigration stuff starts at about a minute and a half into the six and half minute video.

So, yeah, Arizona is now officially a racist state. And Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, whatever she was before she signed the bill into law and made some really stupid comments, now she’s tainted forever with the filth and ignorance of white supremacy.

Score one for the white race. That’d be the race of fat old white politicians and pundits looking angry and uncomfortable when anyone dares question them and they try to sound intelligent, instead appearing like what they really, truly are: brain-dead, arrogant, ignorant slime that corrodes and destroys the structure of law and decency that holds this country together.

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7 Responses

  1. I saw that last night. As usual, Rachel uncovers the dirty little facts everyone else ignores.


    • We would all do well to emulate her.

      Welcome to Grumpy Lion, PF.


  2. Jesus Christ! That’s basically terrifying.


    • I dunno. I kinda think they’ve gone way beyond basic.

      BTW, thanks for the Lion clip. I’m all puffed up now and shaking my mane in front of the mirror. 😀


  3. […] ht Grumpy Lion […]


  4. Score one for the white race.

    Hey! I’m white. Why are you dissing me?

    And how come you get all the pretty girls commenting here?


    • Be a man, spanqi! You can handle it!

      I get the prettiest girls because of my charm, my intellect, my photograph, and the fact that I hide my age. 🙂

      But of course they’re generally smarter than me, smart enough to appreciate my incredible writing and profound style.

      I think I’ll stop now before I get pounded for arrogance and ego…


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