An Award To The Hippie Professor

The Hippie Professor is a blog written by a… well, a hippie professor. It’s nuanced liberal, it’s intelligent (what he says anyway), it’s well written and well worth reading.

This post is, of course, a shameless plug occasioned by a burst of Lionly admiration for the man’s patience and fact-finding. The Lion rages, the Professor educates. The Lion claws and bites, the Professor engages. The Lion chases intransigents out of the room, the Professor says, “Come in, let’s talk. Coffee?”

The Lion is most happy to confer the Golden Claw Award with Mane Fur Clusters on The Professor, with the warning that he take care not to cut himself with it. It’s to be used on egregious conservatives and Republicans. Only as a last resort, of course.

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