Quickies (Before The Ship Of State Follows The Titanic)

Eric Holder hands Bin Laden a weapon…

In a Congressional hearing yesterday United States Attorney General handed Osama Bin Laden, the most hunted man in the world, a weapon.

While being questioned by one of those Republicans who have no faith in the judicial system of the United States, a system which the Republicans under their last President rendered corrupt to a degree that would have been unbelievable only a few years before, Holder said:

“The reality is that we will be reading Miranda rights to the corpse of Osama bin Laden. He will never appear in an American courtroom. That’s the reality. … He will be killed by us, or he will be killed by his own people so he’s not captured by us. We know that.”

Bin Laden should be licking his chops over that. All he has to do now to score another coup against the U.S. is to walk into an embassy of a European country and surrender.

If he’s killed extrajudicially the American legal system looks like crap to the world, and he becomes a martyr driving recruitment from the ranks of the disaffected into the terrorist cadres.

If he is instead held by a European country, there will be a long, drawn out legal battle because Europeans don’t have the death penalty and won’t extradite to the United States, which does make a practice of killing people in little rooms in the middle of the night.

If the U.S. agrees to extradition without the death penalty being applicable, the right wing nutcases (read Republicans) will have a field day as they try to drive the country to be more like Afghanistan.

If there is a public trial, it will drag on, and Bin Laden’s cohorts will benefit from the publicity. If there is a secret trial, the terrorists have a martyr. If he is killed, they have a martyr. If he dies from a heart attack, they have a martyr. If he chokes to death on some hummus, they have a martyr.

Thanks for all that, Attorney General Holder. By trying to appease the mouth-breathers on the right, you may have created a real monster of a problem.

[Just so we don’t forget, the United States has destroyed two countries; has fought two wars for nine and eight years respectively; has spent hundreds of billions of dollars and thousands of lives; has killed tens, if not hundreds of thousands of innocent people; has thrown a large part of the world into dangerous turmoil; and shows no signs of giving up their horror show of slaughter and destruction for a saner, more productive policy, and still has no idea where bin Laden is, or even if he is alive.]

Michael Moore; Flint, Michigan; and Health Insurance Greed…

Michael Moore writes a good piece on the bullshit health insurance support legislation heading for a vote this weekend in Congress.

One of the points he makes:

And how big will the fines be if the insurance companies do deny someone coverage for having a pre-existing condition? Are you sitting down? A hundred dollars a day! That’s it! So if you’re the insurance company, and Judy is a customer of yours, and Judy needs an operation that will cost $100,000, what do you do? You take the fine! Let’s say Judy lives another year after you’ve sentenced her to death, your $100-a-day fine will only cost you $36,500! That’s a savings of $63,500! And trust me, my friends, that’s EXACTLY what’s going to happen.

If this bill goes through without a strong public option to control insurance company greed and sociopathic behavior, the American people will get screwed again, and again, and again, by Congress, by the insurance companies, and by every other corporate entity that sees how easy it is to buy a piece of the taxpayer pie while pulling the wool over the eyes of Congressmen and Senators and regulators who only have eyes for corporate dollars.

CNN sinks deeper into a morass of ugliness and calls it news…

CNN, ostensibly a television news network, or at least it was once upon a time, has sunk to a new low, according to Talking Points Memo.

CNN’s newest acquisition in a bid for ratings is a chubby fellow named Erick Erickson, a right wing sicko in the mold of fellow sociopathic loudmouths Glenn Beck and Rush ‘Fat Man’ Limbaugh. Erickson is the editor of the blog RedState, and will be a ‘political contributor’ to John King’s show, which was formerly touted as a straight news show. Apparently the ratings tanked and the brass at CNN decided they had to get vile.

In Tuesday’s announcement, CNN political director Sam Feist lauded Erickson as being a voice for small-town values.

"Erick’s a perfect fit for John King, USA, because not only is he an agenda-setter whose words are closely watched in Washington, but as a person who still lives in small-town America, Erick is in touch with the very people John hopes to reach," Feist said.

A few of Mr. Erickson’s memorable moments, quoting the TPM piece:

He’s called a Supreme Court justice a "goat-fucking child molester." Last month, he told "ugly" "feminazis" to "return to their kitchens." He’s compared an administration official to a Nazi and called First Lady Michelle Obama a "Marxist harpy."

Makes one wonder about those small-town values the right wing  always touts as the solution to the nation’s problems.

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7 Responses

  1. All of this pisses me off! Holder’s leadership ranges from uninspiring to cowardly. $100 a day fine is criminal and makes a mockery of human life. CNN is idiotic. They’re imitating Fox because they want the money for ratings. But the first time Erickson drops one of those “memorable moments” and sends advertisers skittering like roaches, CNN will lose their middle of the road viewers and the ad money. And they deserve that for having a retarded identity crisis.


  2. You win today’s trifecta. Do you prefer a folding or reclining deck chair?


    • One of each. I’ll build a raft.


      • I’m still seething about the $100 a day fine. Fuckers.


        • I think it’s just another example of how out of touch with the real world the legislators are. They wheel and deal with each other and with corporate lobbyists and maybe only a handful remember what it’s like to live in the real world, to pay bills, to struggle for a wage or salary, to live one or two paychecks away from the street. And there are no Republicans among that handful.

          I have had to laugh at the times when they come up with some program in which John Q has to pay up front, out of pocket, but he’ll get a tax credit the following year. Oh yeah, I’ll pay for today’s dinner with next year’s tax credit.

          ‘Fuckers’ is too polite, way too polite. I know you can do better. 👿


          • Cocksucking, motherf@#$ing rat cunts?


            • That’s more like it!! 👿


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