Vicious Glenn Beck Attack Against Grumpy Lion

Amazing video of the vicious fascist un-American Beck, a junior version of Rush Fatbaugh, as he attacks Grumpy Lion.

A must-see video.

[Tnx to Spanqi]


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6 Responses

  1. So funny! 😀

    I want one!


    • Even Beck wouldn’t dare attack the Queen!


  2. That was hilarious. I love high quality productions. I laughed out loud at the French response.


  3. Hey! Glenn Beck made the same attack on me:|1190962-xr3xxXx&referred_by=17624206-LfvN_8x

    Not bad! I appeared on John Edwards’ tape and Glenn Beck’s TV show in the space of two days, and still managed to go to work and get home in time to cook dinner.

    Just call me Wonder Chaplain.


    • You are Wonder Chaplain!

      There! You’ve been called.


  4. I thought it was Leftycat, not Leftycrat…


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