Thanks, Washington. Thanks, Wall Street. Come On Down To Our Tent City!!


San Francisco


Some of the residents of Nickelsville say they never thought they'd find themselves homeless.






sacramento tent city




Los Angeles


And the beat goes on… and on… and on…



5 Responses

  1. You scare me … and I LOVE you for it.


    • I feel the power!! 👿


  2. Sad. Sad. Sad. I appreciate you posting this. It certainly merits more attention than it’s getting.


  3. Micheal Moore in a recent interview by The Young Turks:

    There’s going to be another crash. The commercial real estate bubble hasn’t burst yet. That’s going to burst. The credit card debt is so huge right now, it will never be repaid. That’s a house of cards waiting to fall. So the crash of ’08 is going to look like coming attractions. And we’re in for a much, much worse time. That’s how I honestly feel.


    • I kind of feel the same way. I’m not sure that much has really changed, fundamentally, and the political scene is really ugly – I don’t think these guys are ready for prime time, not any of them.


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