Backgammon, Anyone?

The Lion has put some of his infamous backgammon writing over at Grumpy Writer. It’s supposed to be funny. If you don’t get a laugh out of it, don’t blame The Lion. You’re obviously deficient in some psychological category. It’s not The Lion’s fault.



6 Responses

  1. I’ve been meaning to tell you about this. When I was about 20, 21, I was playing backgammon. I started the game with doubles. Rolled doubles the entire game until every piece was home.

    My stats teacher LOVED that story. 🙂


    • Well the dice wouldn’t dare do anything less for the Queen! 😀


      • When did I get this queen title? 🙂


        • I made it up in a fit of caffeine deprivation. The alternative was Princess. And you do reign in your world. Or is that ‘rock’? Rock and reign? Whatever. If you like, I will start the paperwork to withdraw the title. A little bribe here, a little cash there, maybe a little back-alley ass kicking of recalcitrant bureaucrats, and you’ll be your non-noble self again. No fee, of course. We aim to please. 🙂


          • No, no. I want the title. It fits. 😀


          • Yes, it does.

            Now, for an additional small fee I can arrange for an ermine (faux, of course) cape with a thirty foot train, and a twenty-seven pound crown studded with diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies… oh, wait, you can do all this with your bling source. Damn. Okay, how about some cookies instead?


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