Senator Bunning By Robert Scheer

Interesting post by Scheer on Bunning at Common Dreams.

imageSenator Jim “Tough Shit” Bunning


6 Responses

  1. It is an interesting point Scheer makes, but Bunning has been a dick for a long time. You didn’t see Bunning come to the defense of the little guy (screaming for accountability) when the gang rape of Jamie Leigh Jones was at the center of legislation to hold contractors accountable for criminal acts. No, gang rapists, Halliburton, and KBR had a friend in Bunning. He’s taken a lot donations from cigarette companies…which are not the little guy. And he protects polluters by rabidly denying climate change.

    So you won’t find me crying a river for Bunning ever.


    • Not even one little tiny rivulet? 🙂

      There was never any question about what kind of jerk Bunning is once he put working people and the medicare system on his chopping block. I think the question may have been “Just how big an evil dork is this jerk?” (Sorry for the technical jargon in that question. I’ll do better.)


      • Well…Scheer took up the mantle of big, fat apologist for Bunning. I mean the author’s right that there are bigger villains than the Senator from Kentucky. That doesn’t make the letters that went to unemployed people (that if Congress doesn’t renew by Feb 28, you’re screwed letter…more technical jargon) less scary.

        Maybe the scrutiny Bunning got will help Kentucky to a better Senator? Maybe.


        • The big fool is retiring this year. Anyway, a state that supports Bunning and McConnell doesn’t show much hope for picking somebody rational and intelligent and compassionate.

          I think the point about Bunning is that he did have a legitimate principle of government in mind. But he just didn’t give a crap about the people he was hurting, and he thinks it perfectly legitimate to hurt people to make his point and to use that hurt to blackmail the Senate. Without re-reading the Scheer piece, I think Scheer muddled that point. It’s just one more huge disconnect between the people in Washington and the rest of us.


          • Cheater. I reread Scheer. 😉

            I really did.


            • Damn. You caught me in an admission. Can’t get anything by you!



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