Medicare For All, The Corporations Be Damned

A friend of The Lion mentioned with an expression of rue and a shrug of whatareyagonnado that he pays $22,000 a year for health insurance for his family, with a $4,000 deductible.

He’s fifty. Got a wife. Got two kids in coverage. Works on commission doing sales.

Almost two thousand dollars a month, just in case something serious happens. Figure in the deductible and he pays $26,000 before the insurance company will lift a finger.

In California, Anthem Blue Cross raised rates 26 to 39 percent on individual subscribers, and that after raising rates the year before.

Insurance companies are pirates and thieves. Period. Blanket condemnation. Health insurance companies are sociopathic pirates and thieves. They not only take your money, they kill people.

In Washington, D.C., the politicians cuddle up to the health insurance companies to make sure the companies can continue their murderous and profitable ways. The politicians are determined to reward essential criminality by throwing your money to the corporations. In return you may be lucky enough to get a deal like my friend, a deal that will put enough stress in your life to make you sick, at which point the insurance company will drop you, but keep the outrageous amount of money you have fed them.

Pay no attention to the so-called protections written into the current corporate-approved legislation the politicians are promoting. The corporations have no doubt already figured out ways to get around the bogus protective provisions. After all, the law was written by legislators the corporations own, written with the help of corporate lobbyists who threw over three billion dollars at the Washington politicians last year. (Yes, three Billion.)

Nothing will change in this gigantic rip-off of the American citizen until that citizen rises up, en masse, and demands what the rest of modern civilizations have, until the citizens rise up and demand, until they demand until they get it, and that is Medicare for all.

There should be one cry rising up from every group, from every organization, from every association that wants a rational, functional, useful healthcare system in the United States. One cry, and one only.

Medicare for all, the corporations be damned.

Nobody should be getting rich from healthcare, not the insurance corporations and their arrogant CEOs, not the doctors, not the administrators, and most of all not the politicians who have heartily agreed to the current system of corruption and disgrace, who willfully comply with the system of profit and denial that murders the citizens of this country, that creates sickness and disease, that weakens the fabric of the economy and the social fabric of the people.

No more. Not one penny more.

Medicare for all, the corporations be damned.

That is the cry that should be heard throughout the land. It should be loud enough to drive the Republicans back under their slimy rocks. It should be loud enough to make the Democrats quiver and shake and fear for their future. It should rage and scream so loudly that all other options are driven from the table.

Reason has failed. Intelligence has failed. Rational argument has failed. Anecdotes of suffering and misery have failed. Only rage is left. Rage and action.

When the thunderous rage of millions falls on the corruption of Washington, when it continues to rain on the heads of timid Democrats and cold, arrogant Republicans, when they all fear for their jobs, for their future, perhaps even for their very lives, then and only then can the corporate evil be destroyed.

Medicare for all, the corporations be damned.

A brave people, united in the quest for the basic right of good healthcare, would en masse cancel their health insurance and bring down the system that way if all else fails. But the system will fall, either of its own unsustainable greed and corruption, or because the people demand it, now, because they demand to live in a society that puts people before sociopathic insurance corporations that contribute nothing, not one thing, not one iota, not the tiniest bit of health care to one single person.

One focus. One call. One goal, and only one.

Medicare for all, the corporations be damned.


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  1. For me that sounds interesting, who knows what the future will bring… Lets wait for it…


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