Why Republicans Are Stupid And Should Be Stomped On Like Cockroaches

Jon Stewart’s take on John Boehner’s sissy stand on the Obama invitation to meet and discuss health care reform is priceless.

In the same clip John Oliver shows up RNC Republicans for the frigging idiots they really, truly are. That’s what you get when your ideological arrogance refuses to admit real facts from the real world.

If anything, Republicans have shown over at least the last year that they have absolutely no reason to exist. They’re as worthless and useless as a hemorrhoid and slightly less well-informed.

[No cockroaches were harmed in the writing of this piece, and The Lion apologizes for the necessary insult to cockroaches, and notes further that cockroaches are a necessary and useful part of life on the planet, unlike Republicans.]

[No apology to hemorrhoids is deemed necessary as hemorrhoids are not believed to be sentient, although it is likely they are more sentient than Republicans.]

[That last bit was a cheap shot, committed with glee and joy and pride.]



13 Responses

  1. How is it that John Oliver is so much more effective a journalist than any TV news hack?


    • Maybe the news hacks should be asking themselves that question!


  2. It’s pathetic when the best news coverage in the USA consistently comes from Comedy Central. If the MSM hacks were capable of shame, they should and would be deeply ashamed of themselves. I think they’re beyond shame, though. I don’t any of them give a shit.


  3. I don’t think any of them give a shit.

    Now, if only I’d learn to type.


    • You type fine, chappie, it’s just that you sometimes leave words out.


  4. Ric – I “think” the words, but somehow my fingers don’t keep up with my thoughts. I’ve got to either slow down the thought process or speed up the typing process. Or, just keep plodding along and letting readers fill in my blanks.


    • Or get speech software….


  5. Chappy:
    All this time, I’ve thought that you were creating cool puzzles.

    My problem is the opposite of yours. My fingers sometimes sometimes stutter sometimes stutter.


  6. Great title, Grumpy!

    Stewart and Oliver hit this out of the ballpark! Surreal that Comedy Central goes to Hawaii prepped for a conversation about Health Care, and Republicans have absolutely nada.

    They were like Stepford Wives. Universal health care does not work. Universal health care does not work. Universal health care does not work. They have conviction without… (forget reason, that’s just asking WAY too much) without even a substantive belief.


  7. I had socialized medicine when I lived in Hawai’i. Of course, that was due to being in the military. I honestly had no idea that Hawai’i had that policy in place. It shows either how segregated military folks are from their surroundings or how transparent it is to the public at large.


    • Both, I think. The military tends to be a separate culture with different values, wherever they are or go. I was raised in it, and hated it.


  8. Ric. The lovely and brilliant Rachel Maddow stomps a conservative on Meet the Press:



    • Yeah, but she didn’t shoot the creep. Shooting is in order. The way things are going, there’s going to be lots of shooting sooner rather than later. Might as well get it started and get it over with. (Another good reason not to wear junk trunks, especially with the little gleamy thing – way too good a target…)


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