The Lion Plays Paris. Troy Trembles.

Apropos of nothing at all, other than The Lion’s current disgust with politics in America as played by the Democratic cast of spine-challenged players and the Republican cast of brain damaged players, The Lion hereby announces his selection of his three favorite women on television.

In no particular order, lest some god or other be offended, the three include Emily Procter, playing Calleigh Duquesne on CSI: Miami; Tamara Taylor, playing Camille Saroyan on Bones; and Kathryn Morris, playing Lily Rush on Cold Case.

Kathryn Morris


Ms. Morris may be the whitest woman on television. She is practically translucent. As an actress, she manages an emotional presence with nice understatement, never too much, never too little, and never mailing it in.








While Ms. Procter is only one of many beautiful women to play on CSI: Miami, she is the only one who manifests a powerful stage presence. When she walks into the scene, her presence just sucks the air out of the room. She’s gorgeous the way a tigress is gorgeous. Unfortunately the scripts keep all that presence and power bottled up, as if they’re afraid to unleash it.





Ms. Taylor manages to carry off looking beautiful, ethereal, sexy, and cute all at once. In the movie Serenity she was merely ethereal. In Bones she does it all, but never overpowers her scenes. When she’s there, you know she’s there. A vivacious presence on screen, with a wide emotional range.





What all three of these women possess as actresses is presence. When they’re on screen they dim everyone around them, not by cheap tricks or mean acting, but simply because they project such full and complete personalities within their role. There’s there there.

The Lion sighs.



2 Responses

  1. What a self-deluded dreamer you are.

    Everyone knows that the best and most desirable actress on TV — brainy and sarcastic, too! — is Judge Marilyn Milian.


    • Cute, but she ain’t no Emily Procter. She is a redhead though, and since I don’t have a redhead in the collection, perhaps allowances could be made.


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