Gibbs Parody Destroys Bipartisanship; American Civilization Ends; Oh Nooooooo….

By now the poorest peasant in Farawayistan knows that Sarah Palin wrote crib notes on her hand for her speech to the fanatically uninformed and hate-filled right wing of the right wing of the Republican Party.

Perhaps The Lion should rephrase that last bit.

A pathetically retarded Sarah Palin scribbled the fundamental tenets of her political philosophy on her hand so she wouldn’t forget them when she addressed the dominant element of the Republican Party over the weekend at the Tea Party Convention.

The fact that this woman can’t answer an unscripted question without babbling only slightly more intelligently than a severely retarded child somehow qualifies her for high office suggests the sickening depths to which American politics has fallen. That she is a Republican and that the Republicans have taken us to those depths is not surprising.

She is a master of the sound bite and little else, putting her on a par with the Republicans, who have mastered only one sound, the sound of ‘No!’

The comics and the faux news boys have nailed her for her handwriting stunt, satirizing her apparent inability to remember the basic ideas she loudly claims she stands for. She’s been speechifying (and stultifying anyone with at least three working brain neurons) since the campaign of 2008, spewing the same old crap, but she has to write it on her hand to remember it.

And she’s been slamming Mr. Obama the whole time.

And yet, when Robert Gibbs, Presidential Press Secretary, parodied her in yesterday’s press briefing by reading a shopping list printed on his palm, he created a minor storm in the ever moralistic press corps (the same press corps that brought us that ever-so-moral war in Iraq).

This morning, CNN’s T. J. Holmes and that dumbass conservative Joe Scarborough over at MSNBC just couldn’t get enough of listening to themselves profoundly moralize over Gibbs’ attack on bipartisanship. (Which raises the ancillary question of how people that stupid get jobs anchoring news shows on major news networks?)

Apparently, according to their faux thinking, it’s okay for Sarah Palin and the Republicans to engage in rabid partisanship that has brought the country political paralysis and threatens to spin off into violence, but it’s not okay for anyone in the Obama Administration to poke fun at the complete lack of credibility, at the sheer stupidity, of someone like Sarah Palin: The Lion uses the term ‘like’ advisedly to include the entire leadership of the Republican Party and most of its membership.

The Republicans have been rabidly, foaming-at-the-mouth partisan ever since the black guy won the White House. They have refused every attempt by the Administration to work together. They have lied. They have backstabbed. They have twisted, distorted, and demeaned everything the Administration has done, while offering absolutely nothing substantive.

So where do the fucking retards on CNN and MSNBC get off calling Robert Gibbs’ parody of that dangerous fool, Sarah Palin, an affront to bipartisanship?

If American democracy goes down the tubes it will be due in no small part to clowns like T. J. Holmes, Joe Scarborough and his partner in vapidity, Mika Brzezinski, and the mad dog partisanship of the Republican Party, led by mouth-foamers John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, and Michael Steele as they worship at the knees of a brain-dead Sarah Palin.

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8 Responses

  1. *Applause* *Applause*

    I mean the GOP has shown me that dumb floats….floats right to the very top. The Gibbs “flap” will die fast because most Americans don’t care who he is.

    He called Senator Shelby the poster boy for all that’s wrong with Washington, too, though. Can’t help but snicker over that.

    And Sarah Palin..please let her be the next GOP presidential nominee. She will go down in sparkly princessy flames.


    • sparkly princessy flames

      Oh, I want to live long enough to see what those look like!


  2. Ric:
    Only in a land where nothing gets done is bipartisanship a virtue. We have elections specifically not to be bipartisan, don’t we?

    I’m not convinced that we should gloat if Palin gets the Gee O’Pee nomination. Given the ignorance of the American electorate, it’s possible that she could win. (Have you forgotten already that the braindead W. was in the White House for eight years?) If Palin’s elected, we’ll have plenty of Fascy hatey stuff to put up with — those of us who don’t move immediately to another country.


    • Moving to another country if Palin gets the White House would probably be a mistake. You don’t know who the hell she’s going to bomb, but she’s unlikely to bomb, oh, say, Cape Cod or Nebraska. But on the other hand…

      Ain’t gonna be noplace safe if that ditz gets in office.

      On the bipartisan thing, I think we used to have elections to keep things in balance. That doesn’t work anymore now that we have protofascist Republicans enabled by spineless Democrats. Not only spineless, but completely tone-deaf: witness Obama’s comments reported by Krugman. And he’s apparently going to ‘start from scratch’ on the health plan, just the way the Rethugs have been demanding.

      All I want is for somebody in power to stand up to the fucking fascist, stupid, fat pigs of the Republican Party. Instead we get tokenism followed by reversals and mea culpas. American Democracy: a good idea in its time, but kiss it goodbye.


    • Larry, it’s not that I think it’s impossible for America to elect the likes of Palin, and the thought does terrify me.

      However, her campaign rallies brought out the monsters…the literal tongue-waggers, the racists willing to shout the N-word. I think, Independents, who seem to rule the voting roost, won’t have her.


      • It doesn’t help that half the men in the country want to bang her.

        And no, I don’t. (Ugh, I think I’m going to be sick.)


  3. I thought Obama was supposed to be the smart one? How can he possibly think that an analogy between professional athletes and bailed-out businessmen is credible? American athletes make obscene amounts of money, but my taxes don’t pay for either their salaries or their bonuses. Bailed-out businessmen, on the other hand, are living large, very large, on my hard-earned money. Furthermore, they’re living much larger than I am, in fact, much larger than I ever will, on my hard-earned money. Obama is either denser than his reputation makes him out to be, or he’s embedded pretty deeply in someone’s pockets (and he’s digging way down deep into my pockets in order to fill their pockets so that some of his buddies’ ill-gotten gains can trickle right on down into his pockets campaign chest; no wonder I feel like someone’s pissing on me!).

    As for a Palin candidacy, I’m not so sure that she’s unelectable. She should be, but, we are talking about the American voting public. Last time I checked, the American voting public was pretty stupid. Has something changed and I missed it? I’m not sure that W is brain-dead, but he’s pretty close to it. Sarah, on the other hand, is certifiably, clinically brain-dead. If she’s not, I’m living in a nightmare.


    • Obama’s smart all right, no question about that. But he isn’t politically smart about the emotional end of politics. People elected him on the emotion of getting out from under an arrogant, incompetent bunch of Republicans who were taking the country down a dark path. Obama said Hope, he said Change, and people expected those things. What they wanted was someone who would stand up, take a tough stand against the Republicans, a hard stand, and bring about change. He didn’t do that. He thinks reconciliation, and the people who elected him think tough hardass leadership. When you add in all the uncertainty the economic crisis has brought into people’s lives, you get even more of an emotional demand for tough, strong leadership. Obama isn’t providing it.

      He needs to slam the bankers. He needs to revisit the torture problem and haul the torturers and their enablers into court. He needs to get brutal on the Republicans in Congress. He needs to start breaking up the insurance companies and the big banks. He needs to vigorously promote real health care, not the trumped up, faux plans the insurance corporations have foisted off on everybody.

      But he’s doing none of those things. And the people, being the great beast, feeling powerless, unable to think its way out of a paper bag, will fall for the next sociopath who proclaims himself as a strong leader, and acts like one by subverting democracy and the Constitution. That’s why the trend now is toward the Republicans. They appear to be tough and strong. They’re a bunch of rapacious empty suits, but the people can’t see that. The people want Daddy. But what they’ll get if they put the Republicans back in power (they’re actually in power now due to Obama and the Democrats’ weak sister act) is not Daddy, but the Stepfather, and that guy will destroy the family.

      Trust me on this. I’m a fucking genius.


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