Palin Speaks

Last night the former governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, who quit the job halfway through her term in order to hit the road and make a bundle of money pimping her ghost-written book, gave a speech in Tennessee at a convention of fanatics whose grasp of reality prevents them from understanding anything as complex as the Sunday comic pages. They cheered for her. She collected one hundred thousand dollars for her forty-five minute speech.

Nobody learned anything.

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6 Responses

  1. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

    Shakespeare saw her coming.


    • Yeah, well, her brief hour on the stage has gone on far too long.


  2. She collected one hundred thousand dollars for her forty-five minute speech.

    Just as any other soccer mom would.


  3. Sarah Palin is a patriot. If she seeks the presidency, I will vote for her. She does not seek the office for the prestige or power as some of the “club members” do, but for the purpose of serving this Nation to bring it back “from the brink” rather than “toward the brink” as has been the policy of the present Congress and Administration. She needs to be seen through the eyes of truth, not MSM garbage and trash of the Left.

    Sarah is the best hope for this nation. The above comments led me to believe you were talking about Obumble. Now there’s a clown, a bad one.


    • Sorry guys, but anyone with half a brain and the eyes to see would realize that Palin is in it for the money and the celebrity. She’s ignorant, she’s greedy, she’s thoughtless, and she no more gives a damn about the country than some Stone Age tribesman in the Amazon jungles. And you guys have no more a grip on truth and reality than the nutcases in the local asylum. Perhaps less, since they have an excuse.


  4. Herbert could not have said it better.


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