Matador, 16, Kills Six Bulls In One Day; Associated Press Adores Him

A teenage matador in Spain was awarded the ears from some of the six bulls he killed in one afternoon yesterday. The crowd cheered.

Apparently the Spanish people exult in this sort of barbarism.

The teenage psychopath suffered a near fatal goring in 2007. The Lion suggests that he should suffer another, that it should last a long time, that he should suffer great pain, and then he should die. The same fate would be fitting for the rest of the Spanish psychopaths who believe killing animals for entertainment, who believe torturing animals for entertainment, is a good thing.

As for the Spanish people who support this ‘entertainment’, they are no better than barbarians whose morals and standards of civilization come from the gutter where the worst denizens of humanity thrive.

The adoring AP story in the Globe by Daniel Wools is itself a stomach-turning paean to the torture and slaughter of animals for entertainment. Perhaps Wools would like to play the part of the bull in his next trip to the arena.

Bullfighters rank right down there with the sick bastards who bury their children alive for violating barbaric so-called honor codes.

Civilization is indeed a thin veneer covering the slime of the human mind.


6 Responses

  1. Cockfighting – bloody, cruel, disgusting, illegal
    Dog fighting – bloody, cruel, disgusting, illegal
    Bullfighting – bloody, cruel challenging, disgusting delightfully dangerous, legal

    What? You don’t see why one of these things is not like the others?

    On a similar note, here’s an idea for Michael Vick to consider: when his NFL career ends, he could sell his dog kennels, move to Spain and invest in some bullpens.


  2. Since you’re talking about ultra-Catholic Spain, Land of the Inquisition, I guess bullfighting is a step up from Jewfighting. In that “sport,” the victims could defend themselves only with imaginary horns.

    Bloodlust is part of the human psyche. Those of us who are repulsed by it are in a small minority. The government in this country tortures people and wages wars against vaguely defined enemies. Officials of various states routinely execute prisoners. Our politicians stand idly by while millions of our fellow citizens needlessly die from treatable medical problems and preventable disasters. So what are six bulls compared to that?


    • We don’t routinely stage an entertainment spectacle of people dying from sepsis or cancer.

      In any event, I’m an extremist. A single bull or a single cat is worth more to life on this planet than any thousand humans.


  3. Ric:
    We don’t routinely stage an entertainment spectacle of people dying from sepsis or cancer.

    Yes, we do, only we call them Republican primaries.


    • And next time we get to watch them die of tea poisoning…


  4. watch them die of tea poisoning

    I guess it’s a good thing I drink Canadian tea.


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