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  1. Aren’t you watching the liberal news? The recession is Obama’s fault, the stimulus package is a failure, and we need to cut taxes on the rich and deregulate business to make the rich richer which will make the rest of us richer as it trickles down on us.

    What do you want to bet those numbers are ignored by the cable and network news channels?


    • I’m tired of being trickled on.


      • Yeah. Trickle down economics and golden shower movies have a lot in common. Some one gets pissed on. And some one else makes a buck.


  2. It’s back to business taxes for me today. My dad told me this week if business doesn’t improve, if the economy doesn’t get better, he’ll lose everything except the house. I’m going to show him this graph. There may be hope. Fingers crossed.


    • Fingers, toes, legs, arms, brain…


  3. I’ve been trying to eat that chart, since I still can’t afford food. Not bad. It tastes a lot like baloney.


    • It tastes a lot like baloney.

      In that case, try it on rye bread with mustard.


    • He’s down South, now. He should fry it.


  4. (((Billy))):
    There’s an eatery on one of Lexington’s main roads that actually has a big sign touting its fried baloney sandwiches. The possibility of getting fine cuisine like that makes me proud to live here.


  5. Larry, Spiro Agnew (can you believe I just had to Google his first name, because I couldn’t remember it?!) would have called you an effete snob. Or even a nattering nabob of negativism.


    • Couldn’t remember Spiro, the spiraling gyre of Republicanism and corruption? Dude, you’re ready for a room in the Home!


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