The Problem With The Arab World…


The photo shows an apartment building in Algiers, Algeria, where there occurred some violent protests in October over bad housing conditions.

[Photo from Wilson Quarterly, Winter 2010 edition]


15 Responses

  1. Well, maybe they were only able to get repeats of “My Mother, the Car.”


    • Or “My Mother, The Car 54, Where Are You?”?


  2. Reruns of Mr. Ed might lead to outright anarchy.


  3. Why is the one satellite reciever pointing in a completely different direction? Are they tuning into a different version of non-reality?

    And the real reason they are so pissed off? The only thing they can get is Ishtar 24-7.


    • I think it’s trying to hump the dish next to it. Or maybe it’s focused on one of the al-Qaeda satellites.


      • Well, it is a real dish after all.


        • You know, you could be banned from this year’s Annual Pun, Humor, & Scotch Festival for that remark.


          • Sorry. Wasn’t going to attend anyway. Have already been invited to the 37th annual Scotch, Bocce & Parodi Festival in Noxen.


            • Damn, SB&P must have forgotten to send my invitation again. Well, maybe next year.


            • Keep in mind that the SB&PFiN takes a dim view of pedantic petanquistas.


            • I am a proud petanquist, not a pedantic one. It’s the boccists who revel in pedantry with their boxed in playing courts and all those rules. It’s the petanquists who will show the arrogant boccists what reall ball throwing is about.


            • But I thought all Petanquistas were pedantic and peeved. With your overcompensatory stainless steel balls boules (oddly, I made some sourdough boules last night (tonight I will core them and make some tomato bisque to put in said boules)) and shamesful sherry drinking shenanigans.

              If I keep this up, I may get fines for allitering.


            • Yes, and it’s a capital offense, though fortunately for your case you did not use capitals.


  4. I’m Not a Fundie. I don’t Randomly capitalize words. Nor do I EVER TYPE IN ALL CAPS. THAT would be a Capital offense.


    • Yeah, but you are fun. And you forgot to capitalize Words and Offense. On the other hand, I, on occasion, have failed to capitalize (((Scotch))).


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