Nader Deconstructs Obama State Of The Union; Prez Ain’t Listening

There’s piece by Ralph Nader over at Common Dreams that takes apart some of the logic of Mr. Obama’s State of the Union speech. It makes for interesting reading. The old guy’s still got a sharp mind.


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  1. Nader’s piece is pretty good, but did you happen to see David Michael Green’s post today? Green’s analysis is,

    The sad – and what I think will eventually prove quite ugly – truth is that this administration is simply not up to the requirements of the times.

    Green also said that Obama’s term of office “is a cowardly presidency.” I have to admit, everything we’ve seen to this point supports this assessment.

    Green pulled no punches with his post. I think I’ll have to add him to my required reading list.


    • I have days like that.

      BTW Chappie, I’m arranging for you to go to links school. 😀


  2. Links School. Okay, as long as I don’t have to pass a test or anything like that.


    • It’s tests all the way down, kiddo.


  3. The Lion suggesting Lynx school? Well now I’ve purred everything.


    • Lynx are a vanishing species. We should all be schooled in lynx and their attributes.

      Sorry to hear about your hearing impediment.


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