Scott Brown Elected President; Democrats Whimper, Hide, Pee Their Pants

Early prediction from The Lion’s vast store of prognosticatory wisdom – the Republicans will choose Scott Brown as their Presidential candidate in 2012, and he will defeat the Democratic candidate, who may or may not be Barack Obama.

The Republicans won’t be able to resist him, barring major career missteps in the Senate. He’s too pretty, his beliefs and actions are too attractive to them. Brown is Republican catnip. Witness the following from WikiPedia:

Political positions

Brown has positioned himself as an independent conservative counterweight to Massachusetts’ current all-Democratic, 12-member Congressional delegation.[14][1] He describes himself as fiscally conservative and socially conscious. He has said, "I’m going to be the only person down there who is going to be the independent voter and thinker…. I’ve always been the underdog in one shape or form".[1]

  • opposes a proposed multi-billion dollar tax on banks and prescribing bank executive compensation. Brown, discussing the proposal through a spokesperson, said that "he is opposed to higher taxes, especially in the midst of a severe recession". He also opposes it on the grounds that the tax would likely be passed onto consumers in the form of higher service and ATM fees.[47][48]
  • advocates that suspected terrorists be tried in military tribunals and not civilian courts.[11] He also supports the use of enhanced interrogation techniques including waterboarding.[49]
  • supports expanding solar power, wind power, nuclear power, and offshore drilling exploration as a means to reduce the country’s dependence on foreign oil. He opposes putting up a wind farm on Nantucket Sound, remarking, "[i]t’s like putting turbines on Boston Common".[1]
  • worked in the Hidden Wounds of War Commission, focused on improving the access to mental health services available to veterans. In 2007, Brown wrote a law establishing a check off box on State income tax forms to allow a filer to indicate if he or she is a veteran of the Iraq or Afghanistan wars. Known as the “Welcome Home” bonus, the measure was passed with bipartisan support.[10]
  • opposes federal funding for elective abortions in accordance with the Hyde Amendment.[6]
  • supported bill that requires emergency rooms to provide contraceptives to rape victims.[39]
  • supports religious hospitals in refusing to provide emergency contraception, causing the woman to go to another hospital. He said, “That’s really up to the hospital. There are many, many hospitals that can deal with that situation.”[50]
  • supports the death penalty.[51]
  • opposes providing driver’s licenses and in-state tuition to illegal immigrants. He also supports strengthening border enforcement and creating an employment verification system with penalties for companies that hire illegal immigrants.[51]

It won’t matter that a Brown presidency will merely result in more wars, more deficit spending, more discord, more hatred of America in the world, more American arrogance, more American soldiers killing and being killed abroad for nebulous reasons, more religious interference in everyday life in America, more brutality in American prisons as well as more convicts, more bigotry and hatred directed at immigrants of any stripe, more violence by Israel against Palestinians, more criminal raping and pillaging of Americans by American banks and financiers, more American jobs going overseas, more destruction of the environment. In a word, Brown will be Bush-Cheney, but prettier on the surface.

The Democrats, having shown that they cannot stand up and provide a simple, emotional, and coherent statement of what they stand for; having shown that they will not stand up to the schoolyard bullies and knuckle-draggers of the Republicans; having shown that they prefer to stand with and cozy up to special interests which oppose good government and the welfare of the nation and the people; these Democrats will lose the 2012 election.

The news media, having abandoned all pretense of honest journalism long ago in favor of brownnosing the conservatives and sucking up to corporations, will fawn over Brown (they’ve already started) and guarantee his win, thus solidifying their position in society as ignorant whores useful only for providing entertainment that hides truth.

And thus the United States continues its long slide into night.


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2 Responses

  1. What state are you moving to, Grumpy? Come to PA. Arlen Spector’s now a Democrat.


    • Finland. They’re actually civilized and intelligent there, and treat each other with respect and civility, society-wise and government-wise.

      The average emotional age in this country is about twelve. The average intellectual age is about four. Fuck it. Time’s running out for America.


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