If You’re Still Confused About Terrorism…

Here’s an article at Common Dreams by former CIA analyst Ray McGovern that will set you straight… unless you’re a knuckle-dragging Republican (okay, sorry, that’s really an oxymoron). 

On the other hand, the same information has been available to Democrats and their knuckles are dirty too.

The Lion tends to think that the terrorism thing might be solved by getting our troops and predatory corporations out of Muslim countries, buttoning up our security procedures at home, start treating Israel as the rogue, racist, proto-Nazi nation it acts like, and letting the Muslim world settle the terrorist problem. Without the United States as a Satanic boogeyman, the various terror groups would soon enough likely start ripping into each other.

Maybe then we can get better schools, real health care reform, and jobs here in the United States.

Don’t hold your breath.

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9 Responses

  1. McGovern’s article is excellent. Have you noticed that some of our best journalists in recent years have been women? Molly Ivins, Helen Thomas, Rachel Maddow. More media men need to grow balls that are at least as big as the ones carried by these ladies.


  2. Why women would want balls escapes me. They’re terribly inconvenient. Or were you speaking figuratively…? Oh of course you were.


  3. No comment on balls from me. I’ll embarrass everyone including me, but I was once accused by a totally famous writer that I have testicles. (Ah. Glory Days.)

    But did you like my Praxidice painting. Yes, I’m just so vain as to come to your playground and draw attention to myself. Sorry. But did you like my painting? 😉


    • I did, but you were wrong about his butt. It wasn’t flat, or maybe he hadn’t quite hit the ground yet. Not that I care about men’s butts. Much more interested in women’s various curvy parts, but since you brought it up… anyway, I didn’t even notice the guy’s butt until you mentioned it – Praxidice is more interesting. But how did dreaming you know the goddess was blonde? And nicely tanned? And what is that thing she’s carrying, the stick with a ball on either end? (Obviously I didn’t do too well in art appreciation classes back in the day… but I do like the painting.)

      Anyway, nobody gets embarrassed around here, except the wingnuts and the trolls, the occasional ogre, and the occasional religionist who takes umbrage. I do my best to embarrass them, but really, it’s too easy.


      • Well, his butt was on the up-bounce. And you know how dreams are. I just knew. I saw them and tried to interfere. The man might have been Hades since Praxidice is Persephone come up in the world of Gods.

        It’s no surprise to me that I would paint the scales of justice as balls. I have no training, just a drive to make pretty stuff sometimes.

        My boys made me laugh saying the blue and purple on the man is a result of her whomping him with the scales.


        • The only bounce in my dreams happens when I fly. But it’s not pure flying. I leap and go way up and drift down and leap again. Sometimes I can sustain being in the air for a long time, but always drift back down. Fortunately I haven’t run into Praxidice up there in the air.

          Hell of beating that guy’s been taking, from the look of the purpling. Hadn’t noticed that before. So she’s beating the hell out of him with the balls of justice, eh? Embarrassing for him… though I suspect in real Greek god justice she’d be beating him with his own.


          • Very cool. Like superman leaps or something.

            I have flying dreams every so often, and my landings always happen with a jolt.


            • Keep practicing, Grasshopper. Softness will come when least expected. But it does help to look for haystacks and trampolines on the way down.


  4. Two dozen studied wise words for a hobby-horse such as me. 😉


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