Pope Jonny Ratz, The King Of Hunger And Dead Children, Vomits Forth His Insanity

Pope Benedict the Umpteenth showed the true color of his insane beliefs today in an AP story in the Globe.

Jonny Ratz “decried the rise in hunger in what he called a world often ruled by profit in an address to a food summit yesterday shortly after it rebuffed a UN appeal to commit billions of dollars annually to helping farmers in poor countries.”

“Hunger is the most cruel and concrete sign of poverty,’’ the pope said. “Opulence and waste are no longer acceptable when the tragedy of hunger is assuming ever greater proportions.’’

Let’s be clear about the depths of hypocrisy Pope Ratz is hoping no one will notice. And it’s not about the opulence and waste of a treasure-laden Vatican filled with gold and staffed by self-satisfied, sated priests.

This is the same Pope, the same priest, the same irrational old fool who insists that people must not practice birth control, must not use contraceptives, must not practice abortion. His message is particularly prevalent in poor countries, particularly powerful among the uneducated, the downtrodden, the impoverished, those who are the usual victims of religion.

Pope Ratz’s message to those people is that they must have children so that those children can starve to death before they are five years old because that’s what the Pope’s god wants. And now he expects the rest of the world to send money to support these hordes of the starving children of Jonny Ratz’s ego.

The rest of the world should tell Jonny Ratz and his minions in Rome to piss off.

When the land won’t support the population, the population must come down, one way or another. Jonny Ratz wants more people living on land that won’t support them, wants more children to starve to death on land that won’t support them. Apparently God whispered in Jonny Ratz’s ear and told him what a great Pope he is and that irrationality and insanity and useless mass deaths are good for the people of Earth.

Human life is so sacred to Christians that they are willing to starve to death millions of children, and the Pied Piper of the Vatican, Jonny Ratz, is piping the tune of mass killings as he skips through the valley of the shadow of religious madness.

Out here in reality the Pope looks just like any other arrogant, power-mad nutcase who ought to be locked in a padded cell for the rest of his life. Or even better, brought to trial in an international court for crimes against humanity and crimes against intelligence. He’s no better than any other mass murderer on the scale of Stalin or Mao or Hitler. But the scale of his hypocrisy is vastly greater than those killers ever dreamed possible.

Christianity is a disease and Pope Jonny Ratz is its Typhoid Mary.


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5 Responses

  1. The pope is amusing in a sick sort of way. But he’s mostly sickening.


  2. The Catholic Church is an institution of self-perpetuation, like most organized religion. It exists for the sole purpose of continuing to exist. It truly does nothing more for the people of the world that couldn’t be done without membership in its exclusive little club.

    Telling people to stop having children, by judicial use of contraception and post pregnancy procedures is fatal to a church that depends on the masses for it’s continued existence. If the population actually is reduced, and the people are content, they won’t buy into the fantasy of the afterlife, and won’t keep contributing to the Church. There will be less of them to give to the church, too. Then what would all those cardinals and Bishops and priests and supporting staff do?


    • Well, they could get real jobs, something suiting their talents. Perhaps working at day care centers for children. Or as stand up comedians in cheap nightclubs. Drug dealing would be a good fit – selling dreams and fantasies. And there’s always McDonald’s or Burger King – they need people to mop up and clean the kitchen.

      As for self-perpetuating, let’s not forget the ban against suicide. If bunches of those medieval peasants living lives of horrid deprivation and servitude checked out, the piece-of-shit priests wouldn’t have a living leeching off them. The Christians no more value human life than a starfish values the life of a clam it’s killing for a meal. And the Church is the ugliest, greediest, fattest starfish in the sea of religious delusion and corruption.


  3. Prior to the Vatican bishops’ vote for Pope a liberal potential Pope appeared to be gaining their support. George W. Bush flew to the Vatican to express his support for the Ratz. Ratz was a known right winger in all the ways that can be wrong, but he became the current Pope.

    Supreme Court justice Alito seems to be taking his cues from the Pope including the irrationality of his arguments and his devotion to sixteenth century catholicism.

    Ecuador is a victim of this Pope, because it made abortion the equivalent of murder; therefore, subjecting women to suffer the totalitarian regimes decree that follows the Pope’s lead.

    Why does anyone accept the commands of leaders who are not only out of touch with modern realities, but would also prefer to set the clock back five hundred years?


    • Because it’s easier for most people to accept authority than to think and act for themselves. And that’s just how the church, any church, likes it. Scratch a Pope or a Cardinal and you’ll find an angry little man shouting, “Obey! Obey!” Priests and ministers and rabbis and shamans are hucksters and frauds, selling opiates for the mind. And the suckers that listen to them find it easier to buy the fantasies, buy the lies, buy the disease of compliance and conformity than to get up off their knees and think.


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