Is Senator Mitch McConnell Really A Frightened Old Woman, Or Is He A Fearmongering Lying Hypocrite?

imageLet’s get the ad hominems out of the way first for Republican Senator Mitch McConnell from Kentucky.  He, if the Senator is actually a ‘he’, looks like an old woman. A scary old woman, if you choose to believe the scary things he says. A dumb and frightened old woman if you are considerably saner and more rational than he appears to be.

And what about the facelifts? How many has he had? If his face were stretched any tighter over his skull the skin would probably split, like one of those horror movies where some alien has infested the character and is ready to burst forth. Of course an explosion of Mitch McConnell’s face would be considerably duller. The only thing that would burst forth would be a torrent of hot air feeding a chorus of ‘No, no, no!’

McConnell is the Senate Minority Leader, which is to say he leads the choir of braying fools that the Republican Senators have formed. He tries to push people around, just like the bully he apparently is. It is a truism that bullies and their ilk are usually frightened, immature, pathetic creatures. McConnell is no different.

He’s got a thing for fear. Why else does he try to terrify Americans every time he opens his mouth? His latest fright fest involves the recent decision of Attorney General Eric Holder to try five terrorists in Federal court in New York City. If we listen to McConnell we might begin to think that these five men are superaliens from another planet, with vast supernatural powers that will overcome the United States and reduce Americans to  perpetual servitude. Perhaps he says such things to distract Americans from his and his party’s apparent desire to reduce American minorities and the poor and the workers to perpetual servitude to the mucky-mucks of the Republican Party. Be that as it may, here is McConnell’s latest bit of frighted paranoia, from today’s Globe (hard copy only, unfortunately):

McConnell…said bringing the terrorism suspects into the United States “is a step backwards for the security of our country and puts Americans unnecessarily at risk.”

Right. The United States government can’t handle five men who have spent years locked up, abused, tortured, and otherwise mistreated. The United States is so weak and pathetic that five fanatic ideologues, reduced to bag-headed servitude, can bring the country down.

As for putting Americans ‘unnecessarily at risk’, that’s exactly what McConnell and his boy master, George Bush, and the entire right wing political structure of the Republican Party did when they invaded Afghanistan and Iraq. They did more damage to the United States than the entire complement of al-Qaeda operatives could hope to do in a lifetime.

Republicans like to talk about American values when they blither image in public, but their true colors come blaring forth when people like McConnell and his parallel number in the House, Representative John Boehner of Ohio, open their mouths and spew the corruption festering in their hearts and minds. Boehner had this to say about the decision to try the terrorists in New York:

“The Obama Administration’s irresponsible decision to prosecute the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks in New York City puts the interests of liberal special interest groups before the safety and security of the American people,’’ House minority leader John Boehner, Republican of Ohio, said in a statement. “The possibility that Khalid Sheik Mohammed and his coconspirators could be found ‘not guilty’ due to some legal technicality just blocks from Ground Zero should give every American pause.’’

Boehner has already decided that these guys are guilty. So far all we know for sure is that the central figure was waterboarded 183 times and confessed under torture to multiple activities. He probably confessed that he and his friends nailed Jesus to the cross and stole his wallet too. During a more whimsical torture session he may well have admitted to having threesome sex with George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. In fact, he may well have been driven into serious mental illness (physiologically, in addition to the ideological illness burdening him and his friends).

But for Boehner and McConnell and their friends, the American justice system is incapable, incompetent, and is probably a ‘liberal special interest group’. No way could it handle five broken creatures in a trial.

And the ‘legal technicality’ that Boehner is afraid of? Torture, no doubt, since information gained under torture is not admissible in American courts. But Boehner and his friends would also tell you that the United States does not torture people. The United States did torture people under the Bush administration, killing several, possibly a hundred. It would be foolish to believe that the United States does not still torture human beings just because the President says so.

Boehner and McConnell and their friends apparently consider ‘American values’ to include torture, lying, disparaging the American legal system, insulting the intelligence of Americans, insulting the local and Federal security organizations responsible for handling criminals like these five men, and insisting on the right of every Republican politician to lie about everything and cheat on their wives. That’s the Republican way, as Republicans have proven time and again for the last couple of decades at least.

McConnell and Boehner want all Americans to be frightened, else why the constant fearmongering. They don’t spit fear because there is anything to be afraid of, but because frightened Americans vote for Republicans. And Republicans think Americans are stupid enough to continue falling for the blithering spew of fear that McConnell and friends vomit forth every chance they get.

The sad part is that too many Americans are that stupid. And a stupid electorate is the one thing that Republicans hope for, deep in their heart of hearts, which hearts are in sum about as big as a virus.

Imagine this crowd taking over the Congress next year. Now there’s something that should frighten the toughest, meanest old woman in the country.


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2 Responses

  1. No, My Friend they are counting on the Recession along with the lack of work (which Republicans have never apologizied for) Instead they use it to cover Anger, Hatred and unbelievable disrespect to US( “the people”) as they call us. To the office of the President of the United States.

    How many times have you heard Obama and Obama’s Administration? Now even the media has chosen to join in this Brain Washing and even justify the fleecing of Seniors and hard working American People.

    If they are counting on the fact that it’s known Americans do not read nor do they really care about 2,000 pages versus 200 pages if when it’s over we have HealthCare.

    Thank you for this article I want the facts on the table. The Repubs plan now and for years allowed abortions yet they did not even read this information prior to submitting it BEHIND THEIR CLOSE DOORS. This is their own plan what makes them think I will believe anything they tell me now!


  2. Just told my husband that McConnell looks like an ugly old woman.lmao. your article was great.


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