Angelo, M.I.A. 11.07.09


Angelo was a stray who wandered into my yard over two years ago, decided he liked the accommodations and the food and the health care plan, and installed himself as Lord of the Yard, from where he seldom ventured.

He was a friendly cat who liked being petted and skritched. He may have been someone’s pet long ago, but had become most definitely an outdoor cat. He wouldn’t even consider coming inside.

He disappeared last Friday night, without a trace, without a clue, without a goodbye note. He was a tough little guy, a cat’s cat, a Lion’s pal, and The Lion sorely misses the little bugger.

[It’s February now and there’s been no sign of him. I still miss him.]

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6 Responses

  1. I’m sorry for your loss. Angelo sounds like he was a good buddy.


    • He was. Whenever I went outside he’d trot over to say hello. I think he had a bit of dogginess in him.


  2. I meant to say, in the previous comment, that he’s a beautiful cat. I’m a dog lover, myself, but I have to admit that cats often have much more interesting coloring than dogs. I’ve known a couple of cats that had a bit of “dogginesss” in them and enjoyed their company very much.


  3. I have to say from personally meeting Angelo, that he was a great cat. Handsome and so friendly. He would always come over to me to be petted and he would roll around on the ground in pleasure. I’ll miss seeing him too when I visit Ric.


  4. You have my sympathy. Cats can be annoying, snobby, endearing, obnoxious and wonderful all at the same time.


    • Not unlike myself…


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