Joe Lieberman & His Republican Friends Despise The Middle Class, The Working Poor, And America

Senator Joe Lieberman, a narcissistic egotist from Connecticut, says he’ll filibuster the public option in health insurance reform.

Let’s understand something here. The Senators are haggling about health insurance. What the country needs is health care.

The argument is not about the public option. The real fight is whether the government will rein in the abuses of the health insurance companies.

The Republicans want to avoid disturbing the insurance companies lucrative piracy. The Republicans want to protect the insurance companies. If they openly side with the industry their supporters would say ‘Whassa matta you? The insurance companies are robbing us blind.’  The Republicans’ only option is to attack the public option as a way of killing any reform that threatens the insurance pig trough the Republicans feed at. (Right next to the Democratic feeders, let us not forget.)

So they cry ‘Socialism’ and ‘Government control of health care’ and ‘death panels’ and any other buzzword that their non-thinking supporters will bite on.

No matter what happens, whether reform is killed outright by the knuckle dragging Republicans or whether a watered-down version of reform passes, the middle class and the workers will get screwed.

The insurance companies will continue to act like bandits and make out like bandits. That’s what they are. That’s what they do. They get tens of millions of new customers forced into insurance servitude by the federal government, or they get off scot free, with no reforms. That’s the Republican way. And make no mistake about it, Joe Lieberman is a Republican through and through.

And the Democrats? Well, do you remember the ads about the 95-pound weakling getting sand kicked in his face on the beach by the muscle guy? Same thing, except that they’re getting kicked around not by an honest muscle guy, but by the idiot sociopaths of the Republican Party. Gutless, spineless, weak, fearful – that pretty much sums up the Democrats.

There’s hardly any point in even paying attention any more.

Yeats had it right.


8 Responses

  1. There’s hardly any point in even paying attention any more.

    I’ll admit that paying attention makes one feel pretty hopeless about it all, but it’s still not a good idea to ignore what the idiots in government are doing.


    • There are too many of them to ignore. Idiots to the left of us, idiots to the right of us, idiots ahead of us, idiots behind us, idiots on top of us, idiots beneath us… good christ, it’s beginning to sound like a porn film.


  2. The way we’re getting fucked, it feels like a porn film too. 🙂


    • Yeah, but why aren’t I enjoying it?


  3. […] Lieberman & His Republican Friends Despise The Middle Class, The Working Poor…. Joe Lieberman & His Republican Friends Despise The Middle Class, The Working Poor, And America G… Joe Lieberman & His Republican Friends Despise The Middle Class, The Working Poor, And America […]


  4. What makes you think they’re idiots in Washington? They’re all right jack were the idiots for not going on a mass strike sit down. Stop all goods and services to health-care workers and companies, yes a few of us will suffer. I stumbled across your blog while looking up Bruce Karatz, xCEO of KB Home, his trial begins March 9th 2010 for stock manipulation.


    • While a general strike might get some attention, the chances of one happening here are just about nil. Too many diverse interests countering each other’s play. I think the closest we might get to one would be a scenario where the economy takes a serious nosedive, again, but far more serious and profound. When forty to fifty percent of the people haven’t the money to spend on the stuff the corporations turn out, that will be your general strike. But it will be passive – people won’t spend because they won’t have jobs. It won’t be a strike for benefit or a strike for principle. But it would be interesting to see millions of people cancel their health insurance policies – but once the government mandate goes into effect, mass cancellation becomes problematical in that cancellation puts you in a legal bind, whereas canceling now, or before the mandates, on a mass scale puts the insurance thieves in the toilet. But it’s not just the insurance companies. The entire medical structure, from manufacturers to delivery systems, are rife with corruption and inefficiencies and greed.


  5. Seems most of Joe Lieberman & His Republican Friends are Insurance companies or sit on KB Home Board Robert L. Johnson.


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