Insurance Whistleblowers? Nope. It’s Just A Job.

In all the angst and sturm und drang of the health insurance reform storm, only one man, to The Lion’s knowledge, has come forward, publicly, and pointed an accusing finger at his former industry.

Wendell Potter, formerly an executive at Cigna, has testified in Congress against the industry and regularly appears on pundit shows to speak against his former employers.

Where are the others?

And where are the rank and file players?

All the anger and fury and coddling has been directed at the insurance executives who make the policy, who set the terms, who walk off with tens of millions individually and billions in the aggregate. They make their money by denying claims on morally and ethically outrageous grounds. In Colorado a perfectly healthy two-month-old baby was denied coverage because he was too big. Not sick. Not fat. Just big. The insurance company relented when the father, who worked for a local television station, made the story public.

The list of such decisions could, can, and has gone on and on. The underlying truth, the underlying value of the companies, is that they get rich from the misery, suffering, and deaths of policyholders. The executives plan it that way. They are, in no uncertain terms, the scum of civilization. It’s no wonder they won’t come forward.

But they could not do their work, could not make their blood-drenched millions, without the help of the camp guards, the people in the cubicles who hunt down reasons to deny coverage, who fight sick people, driving them deeper into malaise.

These office workers enable the executives, facilitate the process of driving people into bankruptcy, of driving people from their homes, of killing people.

Without the office peons, without the camp guards, the evil wouldn’t flourish. These people, your friends and neighbors, prosper by covering their ears, closing their eyes, and hardening their hearts. They ignore the voice of conscience in order to keep their jobs.

And they keep their jobs by creating suffering, misery, and death, by continuing to work in an industry of death and pain.

And they keep silent.

They know what goes on. They commit the crimes every day. Those are their orders. They do what they are told. They follow the commands of their leaders.

And they keep silent.

They know they have blood on their hands. They know they bring misery and death to their neighbors. It’s their job. They do what they are told. They go to work, and at night they go home and smile at their children.

They are kin to the camp guards at Auschwitz. They are kin to the prison guards of Abu Ghraib. They are kin to the torturers of the CIA.

Their actions have deadly consequences.

They do what they’re told.

It’s just a job.

Don’t talk about it. You might lose your health insurance.


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