Americans Dying For Voter Fraud In Afghanistan; Pakistan Rips Off Billions Of American Taxpayer Dollars; Iran Ain’t So Stupid As The Wingnut Warriors Want To Believe

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Voter fraud from Afghanistan, described by Peter W. Galbraith, fired by the United Nations because he dealt in reality, while the U.N. and the U.S. find it more convenient to promulgate the lie that Hamid Karzai and the Afghan government are legitimate. This is what American and Canadian and British soldiers are dying for, a fraudulent view, sponsored and encouraged by their governments, of a medieval warlord government corrupt right down to its underwear. It’s like the good old days of the Cold War: “We gave them money so they must be good and democratic, right? Right!” That’s the policy that kept dozens of brutal dictators in power, and millions of people living in fear of their United States-supported governments. Nothing learned, nothing gained, people again dying for idiots running the Western governments in London, Washington, Bonn, Ottawa, you name it.

Pakistan rips off billions of American taxpayer dollars to sustain and increase Pakistani corruption. Military aid is routinely sidetracked to private pockets and ego projects, and the United States has no way, or simply refuses, to track where the money goes. It’s just more self-delusion from Washington, pretending that the Pakistani government is legitimate rather than just another collection of corrupt frauds.

A realistic view of Iran’s nuclear policy and potential, contrary to what the neocons and their acolytes in the Obama administration would have us believe about raging maniacs. The writer doesn’t pretty them up, but he casts a rational eye on them.



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