Senator DeMint of South Carolina Favors Old Time Banana Republic Coup d’état in Honduras

Senator Jim DeMint, another of those Republican mental defectives South Carolina seems hellbent on putting into Federal office, has gone down to Honduras to demonstrate his defiance of official United States policy and his support of the people who staged a coup d’état against Honduran President José Manuel Zelaya Rosales.

Mr. DeMint’s comment, according to the Associated Press:

"The best solution to the crisis in Honduras is free and fair democratic elections that allow the Honduran people to decide their own future," DeMint said in a statement e-mailed to The Associated Press.

It is convenient and typical of Mr. DeMint and his ilk to ignore the fact that President Zelaya was elected in a free and fair democratic election and that he was undemocratically removed from office by the Honduran army on orders of hooligans on the Supreme Court (perhaps taking their lessons from a corrupt United States Supreme Court in its election decision in 2000).

Given the degree to which Republicans glory in ignorance and stupidity, The Lion wonders how it is that they manage to survive mundane actions like eating breakfast and crossing the street.

How they survive politically is not at issue. That much is known. Their constituents tend to be the sort who believe the sun revolves around the earth and that politicians always tell the truth, unless they’re Democrats, and that people like Barack Obama belong back on the plantation singing hymns to white power while they pick white people’s cotton because that’s how God ordered the world.

Mr. DeMint apparently wants the United States to return to the good old days when an American banana company called all the shots in Central America, and arranged to shoot anyone who disagreed  with them. Naturally those impoverished, raped countries suffered for generations under a succession of American-supported tyrants guaranteeing the people nothing more than brutality, misery, poverty, repression, torture and death, courtesy of people not unlike South Carolina’s Senator DeMint and the full faith and credit of a morally and ethically corrupt United States government.


4 Responses

  1. DeMint’s an ass. My guess is that his wife feeds him breakfast and helps him cross the street.


    • Nah. He has a feeding tube.


    • If there’s two things DeMinted doesn’t need help with, one would be devouring good things and turning them into shit, and the other would be crossing anyone and anything; he’d have that street crossed, double-crossed and triple-crossed before you had your shoes on.

      Also, you owe asses the world over an apology, Chap.


      • Why, Chappie would never insult an animal by comparing a politician to it. I’m sure she meant a human ass, probably one curdled with little lumps of fat, all wobbly, and likely not cleaned lately.


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