No Lion Award For Representative Alan Grayson

The Lion regrets to announce that he will not be giving Florida Representative Alan Grayson, a Democrat, an award for his actions on the floor of the House of Representatives.

Here’s the video of his presentation on the floor:

The Republicans, highly offended that anyone dared speak the truth about them in public, demanded that Representative Grayson apologize, comparing his remarks to the offensive act of Georgia Representative Joe Wilson, a Republican, who yelled ‘You lie!’ at President Barack Obama during the latter’s speech to a joint session of Congress recently.

Representative Grayson immediately accommodated the Republicans with an apology:

The Lion might quibble with the Representative over his conflation of health insurance with health care. Indeed, very few officials in Washington, or Massachusetts, which serves as a model for the current mish-mosh of plans in Washington, seem able to distinguish between the two.  In fact, the government plans hand tax money to the insurance companies to pay for health care, which is about as stupid an idea as ever came out of any government. Be that as it may….

Many would think that The Lion would rush to award Mr. Grayson one of the many Lionesque awards in The Lion’s award armory. But no. There will be no award for Mr. Grayson, for a very simple reason.

There is no award great enough, big enough, proud enough to give to the very first Democrat to demonstrate real spine in the last dozen or so years, the first Democrat to stand up to the Republicans, to call them out for real, to tell the nation what the Republicans really are, and to not back down in the face of Republican arrogance and Republican slime.

Indeed, Mr. Grayson showered further glory on himself last night on the Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC when he said of Congressional Republicans ‘We are dealing with people who are utterly unscrupulous. These are foot-dragging, knuckle-dragging Neanderthals’. 

Mr. Grayson not only has spine, he has balls! And he has his facts straight.

The Lion does not have heroes, has never had heroes, does not believe in heroes, most certainly not the cheap, plastic, commercialized American version of hero. But for right now, for this brief shining moment of truth and courage, Mr. Grayson is a Lion hero.


7 Responses

  1. Mainly no award because the dufus was just plain rude. No truth, just sour grapes.


    • No ruder than the stinking mess of bullshit and lies the Republicans have been dealing out on the House floor for years, and much closer to the truth than any of them ever get. The sour grapes are yours. You may choke on them at your leisure.


  2. That was fun.

    And funny.


  3. For more, see John Nichols over at The Nation.


  4. I should note that the wingnuts are making a big deal of Mr. Grayson’s use of the word holocaust. I wrote a reply to that over at Politics Daily, but apparently that’s only for AOL-ists. But I like it so much I’ll add it here:

    Representative Grayson is a Jew. He’s well aware of the Holocaust. He’s also aware that holocaust is an acceptable and normal English word used to describe catastrophic events. The Jews don’t own the word, and not every instance of the word refers to the events of World War II.

    What is to be regretted is that in calling the Republicans Neanderthals Mr. Grayson has made the Neanderthals look bad.

    As for the Die Quickly incident, Mr. Grayson told the story on the Rachel Maddow show about the genesis of that speech. During Mr. Obama’s speech to the joint session of Congress the Republicans were waving a paper purporting to be their health care plan. After the speech Mr. Grayson got one of those papers they were waving. It was blank.

    So, yes, the Republicans are unscrupulous, they are foot-draggers and knuckle-draggers, and Mr. Grayson has no need to apologize to anyone, except possibly the real Neanderthals (who are all dead, apparently the victims of a Republican health care plan).

    And for those of you who complain about Ms. Pelosi’s operations in the House, apparently you weren’t paying attention when the Republicans ran things and shut the Democrats out of everything while ignoring the crimes committed against the people, the Constitution, and the country, as well as violations of international law and treaties by the Republican administration. But of course you wouldn’t be interested in recognizing that fact, since it makes the Republicans look like… come to think of it, there doesn’t seem to be an analog of just how stupid and low and despicable the Republicans are. Oh, well, can’t have everything, can we?


  5. I love you.


    • You have exquisite taste.


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