Chuck Norris: Pre-Modern Idiot And Flag Basher

There’s a good piece over at TPM about TV icon and faux martial artist Chuck Norris and his plans to deface American flags by spilling tea on them and selling them for $73.50 to the hatemongers in the tea party movement.

Read the comments too. There’re some gems.

Chuck Norris is the guy who a while back wanted the government to force atheists to have a red ‘A’ tattooed on their foreheads.

It should be obvious by now that Norris either got kicked in the head too many times by Bruce Lee and friends, or is suffering dementia. The only question is whether his insane ideas caused the dementia or the dementia is causing the ideas. Since he bills himself as a Conservative it’s probably the former.

And he’s a lousy actor, too.


10 Responses

  1. Chuck Norris is a lousy actor, but he’s entertaining, nonetheless.


    • Chappie, that’s so disappointing. You appear to have remarkably low standards for entertainment…



  2. He is a lousy actor and his shows are always boring too.


  3. I just meant that his rants on WorldNutDaily and the like are entertaining. His shows and movies could be marketed as prescriptions for insomniacs.


    • Of course. I knew that. 🙂


      • I’ve never tried the insomniac thing before. Do you know if it works? Perhaps we should set up an experiment?


        • It could be difficult. You’d have to select for right-wingers and left-wingers. OTOH his shows and movies could be marketed as tools for identifying right-wingers. The people falling asleep at the movie would be the lefties. The righties would be all excited, whooping it up, beating up the non-whites and non-All-American looking people.


  4. I’m surprised that ANYONE cares what Chuck Norris says or does. I thought he was an idiot even when I was a kid.


    • Obviously you were a very smart and perceptive kid. My kind of girl… woman… person. Whatever. You know what I mean.


  5. check out this other slobbering right wing moron:

    This guy gets himself pissed drunk, videotapes himself, and then posts it on YouTube. Love the way these morons “out” themselves!


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