The Real Afghanistan: Maybe Obama And His Military Minions Should Read Ann Jones

Ann Jones, who spent years in Afghanistan, seems to have a better grip on reality than Obama, the American military, and the brain-dead Republicans who created this mess. Ms. Jones has a fairly long piece over at Common Dreams giving her observations, particularly timely given the current discussion over whether to send more troops into the insanity of American Afghanistan.


2 Responses

  1. Afghans want peace, but the kharaji (foreign) troops (100,000, if you include U.S. allies in NATO) bring death and destruction wherever they go. Think instead about what you might have won — and could still win — had you spent all those military billions on food. Or maybe agriculture. Or health care. Or a civilian job corps. Is it too late for that now?

    American Imperialists aren’t any smarter than Imperialists of the past have been. Imperialists are always sure that they’re (our) way is best, that one size (ours, of course) should fit all and that diplomacy and weaponry are interchangeable terms.


  2. their way is best…



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