Another South Carolina Idiot: Senator Jim DeMint Is A Liar

There must be something in the water or the food, or maybe it’s a failure of prenatal care or infant care, but South Carolina seems to have raised a high percentage of fools and idiots to serve in its political sector.

The Governor, Mark Sanford, disappeared without notice for five days to play house with his South American mistress, as well as play fast and loose with State money for various trips. Now he’s blaming the press and his critics. No man there, despite his penis-waving in South America.

Then there’s Representative Joe Wilson, the loudmouth ignoramus who shouted ‘You lie!’ at Obama during the joint session of Congress the other night. Not only was he desperately and obscenely rude, he was also wrong on the facts. That hasn’t stopped him from continuing to make the same claim, to repeat the same lie, and raise money off of it.

And then there’s Senator Jim DeMint. He’s the one who said, “If we’re able to stop Obama on this, it will be his Waterloo. It will break him,” when talking about the President’s health care reform efforts.

Yesterday he reached a new low during an astroturf anti-reform, anti-Obama, anti-thinking, pro-stupidity rally in Washington, sponsored by Dick Armey’s phony and mendacious FreedomWorks group that caters to stupidity and ignorance.

DeMint said, “The president has warned us if we disagree with him he’s going to call us out,” he said. “Well, Mr. President, we are out.” (DeMint’s quote is not in the online version of the story. GL)

Yes, Jim, you are. You are way out on the fringe of reality. The President said, “If you misrepresent what’s in the [health care reform] plan, we will call you out.”

He did not say he would call you out if you disagree with him. He said if you lie about or distort information about the plan, he will call you out.

Bright-boy DeMint simply lied about what the President said. He chose to score political points by telling a lie.

While The Lion can point to the people of South Carolina and truthfully say that their politicians make everyone in the state look like idiots and clowns, it would be well to remember that lying is what Republicans do.

They no longer think. They no longer try to make sense. They no longer give a damn about their constituents or the nation. The height of their intellectual competence comprises scoring cheap political points based on lies and distortions. Their goal is to tear down anything and everything that might benefit the middle class and the lower classes, and to hand the wealth of the country to the rich and the powerful while enriching themselves.

That’s the Republican way.


20 Responses

  1. If you minimize and categorize an entire party, I submit that you are not listening. That one party, one person or one ideology has all the right answers, all the solutions is small minded.


    • When pretty much everyone in the party, from the national chairman to the presidential and vice-presidential candidates to the senators and the representatives and the state officers are pretty much acting the same way and saying the same things, it becomes fair to categorize the entire party – and more so when virtually no one in the party is speaking out against the wingnuttery and the stupidity.

      In any event, the Republicans are minimizing and categorizing themselves. I’m just giving them the occasional helpful nudge into complete irrelevance.


    • And BTW nowhere do I say the Democrats have all the right answers. But they are at least trying to have an open and honest discussion about the problems and the possible answers, as opposed to the Republicans, whose only response is to catcall, demean, derogate, tear down, yell, scream, stomp their feet, and cry.


  2. Rahm Emmanuel pegged it:

    The Repooplicans are “The Party of NO, The Party of Never, The Party of No New Ideas”


  3. So did you, by the way. (I think I’m getting a little crush on The Lion…)


    • Aw gosh, I think I’m purring….


  4. lying is what Republicans do

    That and having kinky sex with people other than their spouses seem to be the team sports of today’s Republican party.


    • They ball in teams?

      Wow, I guess that’s what comes of mindless conformity.


  5. Why shouldn’t the GOPers lie? The press (the so-called liberal press) treats their most egregious lies as fact and the truth as fiction. The voters keep voting the liars in, year after year. The GOP eeps the liars in leadership positions. And the more absurd the lie, the more the dittoheads treat it as gospel. If there is not punishment for lies, why change? If lies are rewarded, then lies become a career move.


    • Ah, but would that be a lateral career move or a vertical one?


      • Vertical or lateral? I would phrase it: “An anal career move.” In other words, perfecting assholinessitude.


        • Are you speaking of The Poop?


          • I’ll regret doing this. I know I will. But what is ‘The Poop’? Is this an underground magazine? Or is this another one of Philly’s frightening and/or strange sexual references?


            • I’ll do my best to accommodate your regret… Surely you’ve heard of the The Poop, the little guy in Rome, wears the funny hat and the dresses?


            • No, that would be ‘holyassednessitude’, not assholinessitude. You need to keep this poop straight (unless you have a spiral sphincter (which produces spiral poop)).


            • () –

              Holy crap, Batman!


            • I believe you’ve coined a new phrase. I have a new-found appreciation for the “piss-Christ” that created so much stir in the Eighties. I don’t think art can ever be more succinct than that.


            • If you are speaking of ‘penis-waving’, we might have to deal with some scary images involving Sarah Palin and Kay Bailey Hutchinson.


  6. Republicans are FOS. The only thing I have found that leaves them stammering is to call them out on their so-called “Christianity”.


    • When you call them out often enough they’ll respond with the latest, greatest, newest and most murderous version of the Inquisition.

      And to say they’re full of shit is to credit them with having some genuine content in their minds, and that’s just not so.


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