Torture, Maim, Murder, Slaughter – The Wingnut Way To American Greatness

A letter in today’s Globe demonstrates once again the failure of wingnut ‘thinking’. This one’s about torture and holding torturers accountable.

MEMBERS OF Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and other assorted groups crying for American blood must be thrilled with the news that Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. is sending out the posse (“Inquiry ordered into CIA methods,’’ Page A1, Aug. 25).

By naming a veteran prosecutor to investigate “alleged’’ harsh interrogation techniques, we ignore the atrocities committed by terrorists and focus on the few tools we still have available to us.

I am unconcerned with the comfort of our enemies. My concern is Americans, civilians and military alike, and our allies. This ridiculous announcement only encourages and emboldens enemies who will view this position as weak.

We had better be ready to fight hard, because these people seek our annihilation or capitulation, nothing less.

That’s the whole letter, minus the signature.

The Lion would wager that al-Qaeda and friends don’t really care about Mr. Holder’s investigation. It is, as currently constructed, petty and fairly useless, more of a sop to the progressive Democrats than a real investigation dedicated to holding accountable the entire chain of command that encouraged and enabled torture, from the White House to the CIA field agents and the contractors.

But if AQ did give a damn, they would more likely be unhappy than ‘thrilled’, as the letter writer said. AQ could not have been happier than when the United States began to torture and murder detainees. When the U.S. began torturing captives, it lost its moral authority to claim a just war and to claim that it was a better system of government, that it held the high ground morally and ethically. AQ at that point had effectively knocked the U.S. down into the gutter. AQ at that point had won a great victory over America.

Torturing people is a sign of weakness and fear. When the United States began torturing, it said to the world, “We have no faith in our values and our institutions of freedom and democracy. We are so afraid of this handful of criminal terrorists that we are throwing away those things that make us strong and resorting to the most base and evil actions mankind can commit against itself.”

As for the letter writer’s last point, that AQ and friends want to annihilate us, or force us to surrender, perhaps the last time she looked out her window she noticed the vast armies and navies of AQ storming ashore.

Sorry, lady, but AQ isn’t going to bring America down. We have politicians and corporate leaders and religious fanatics and the Republican Party that continue to do a fine job of destroying the United States. It’s people like yourself, who can see neither forest nor trees, whose reasoning processes have failed on a fundamental level, who will do a truly amazing job of annihilating America.


8 Responses

  1. I found your blog this morning while randomly tag surfing…. glad I did…. great stuff, cogent analyses, all spiked with humor…

    The Bush White House was indeed the best recruiting tool AQ ever had. Hey – maybe they are organizing those “tea bag” protests!

    — hippieprof


    • Welcome to my den. Actually it’s more of a collection of artfully arranged thorn bushes.

      You may have a point about the tea baggers. Those foreigners do like to drink a lot of tea. Hmmm…

      Have you tried some squirrel?


  2. Thank you for the link to the squirrel…. looks like a regular must read.

    Any other interesting grumpies lurking out there?

    — hippieprof


    • For the psychotic in all of us there’s Today’s Horoscope.


      • Bit of a misnomer there, pal. In case you haven’t been looking, that ain’t “today’s” horoscope.

        Unless it’s one of those one-size-fits-all type of things.

        Hold on. Actually, that’s what a horoscope is.



        • You’re forgiven. Besides, nobody believes the horoscopes I write. I coulda neva been a contenda.


  3. The terrorists won the war on terror years ago. That became evident when the Bushies started torturing foreigners, spying on Americans, etc.


    • And we fell right into their trap in Afghanistan. Iraq was, and is, a bonus for them, the icing on their cake, created by the fog of Bushwa.


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