Tom Brady Not Such A Good Guy, Talks Arrogant Idiocy

Tom Brady, that All-American quarterback, that hero of the NFL, that epitome of the New England Patriots, that down-home all-around good guy, just cut his own legs out from under his image.

Today’s Globe sports section carries a story by Christopher L. Gasper about Brady’s contract. Brady has a sixty million dollar contract ($60,000,000 for those of you struggling to pay your mortgage, gas, electric, and medical bills). This year he will be paid about eight million dollars ($8,000,000 for those of you struggling to find a job and those recently thrown out of a job).

And what does good ol’ boy Tom have to say:

“If somebody wants to pay you more money? [Heck], I think we’re all probably underpaid, don’t you think?’’ said Brady. “We all wish we were paid more.”

Well, no, Tom, you aren’t underpaid. You and your football buddies are obscenely overpaid. You play about seven minutes of actual football once a week for sixteen weeks a year, barring playoffs. That’s the actual product you produce. Seven minutes, give or take a bit. A three hour NFL game produces about fifteen minutes of actual football play. Figure half  for the defense, half for the offense.

For that, Tommy boy, you get eight million dollars this year. And you think you’re underpaid? Families are living on the street because of what rich people who think you’re hot stuff did to this economy. People are dying from lack of health care because of what rich people are doing to health care reform. And you’re tramping around the world with your obscenely overpaid supermodel wife and blithering about being underpaid for your bullcrap career as an NFL quarterback producing seven minutes of football a week for a few months?

The Lion can’t figure out if you’ve been hit in the head too many times or not enough times.

To quote the profound judgment of wise people: “Jerk!”


9 Responses

  1. Brady was saying EVERYONE is under paid. If your boss offered you more money you would take it? That is all he was saying.


    • Brady and friends are obviously not underpaid, not by any stretch of the imagination. so ‘everyone’ is not underpaid. That he thinks he is suggests a disconnect from the real world his fans live in. To listen to these guys one would think that they have such a hard time living on only several million dollars salary a year. Oh boo hoo! His attitude seems to be widespread among professional athletes, who contribute little to society, though they would make good subjects for research studies into narcissistic egotism.


  2. more power to him. I need to more money too. But who doesn’t. Class envy doesn’t work with me.


    • Neither class nor envy nor class envy has anything to do with the matter. The man produces less than three hours of product a year, gets paid millions of dollars whether his work is good, bad, or indifferent, and then tries to include himself (and the rest of the overpaid athletes) among the underpaid workers. Even in the best of economies that would be a stupid thing to do.


      • He saw a career where he could make that kind of money and worked his a#@ off to get there. That is what is so great or used to be great about this country is everyone has (had) the opportunity to go after what they want and as much as they want.


        • It’s spelled ‘ass’.

          And you can still go after as much money as you want if that’s what you value. But spare me the sympathy for multimillionaires claiming they’re underpaid. Compared to what they actually contribute to society they are vastly overpaid. On the other hand, any society that showers as much adulation on these guys as ours does is vastly overrated.


  3. Bobby Gee sounds like an idiot and I am not going to click on his link.


    • Thus shall Gee be clickless.


  4. βαπτιση…

    […]Tom Brady Not Such A Good Guy, Talks Arrogant Idiocy « Grumpy Lion[…]…


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