Barney Frank Bags A Nazi Teabagger

Watch this short video over at Talking Points Memo.

It’s about time the pols started calling these people out on their idiocy.


15 Responses

  1. I love it!

    Something I would say if I were there.


    • The scary thing is that she looked awfully familiar. Maybe I’m just hallucinating.

      But yeah, Go Barney! I wish more Dem pols would take that tack with these fools.


      • She has one of those “everywoman” faces.

        I think I dated her 35 years ago. Oh, wait…


        • Oh no, don’t tell me we dated the same woman. Good old what’s-her-name?


  2. I heart Barney Frank!

    “Trying to have a conversation with would be like talking to the dining room table.”

    Priceless. Who’s his writer?


    • I bet there are a lot of dining room tables which, if they were capable, could tell some really neat stories. Polishing the old pine, if you will.

      Of course, the radical right is condemning this vicious attack on a an average mainstream American. Big surprise.


      • It’s evolution at work. Dining room tables have become as smart as humans.


    • Well, I don’t want to brag…


  3. Of course, the radical right is condemning this vicious attack on a an average mainstream American.

    Please tell me this woman is not “an average mainstream American.” I’ll sleep a lot easier tonight if she’s part of “lunatic fringe” America.


    • She is to Faux News and the GOP. The other 78% of us are leftist commie pinko NAZI liberals out to destroy America and make us into another dystopian Europe.


      • Speak for yourself. I am not pink. I am definitely a serious macho color. Mauve, or perhaps ecru. With red trim maybe.


    • Someone on one of the MSNBC nighttime punditry shows said she was a LaRoucheian. Definitely out on the lunatic fringe. She may be the fringe on the fringe.


      • I don’t know. Sometimes I feel like we are on the fringe.


        • I’ll go you one better. We are rapidly becoming the fringe. We think. We reason. We consider. We discuss. We have the intellectual tools to do those things. If that doesn’t make us the goddam fringe in this America, I don’t know what does. Guns and stupidity would appear to have become the mainstream, fueled by the twitiots running the news these days.


          • It’s when I start agreeing with your analysis that I feel the comparison between the Decline and Fall of Rome and the American Empire are quite apt.

            And I agree with your analysis.

            Canada or OZ are looking like appealing retirement opportunities.


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