American Economy: Proud Giant Or Neurotic Wimpy Loser?

Mark Weisbrot writes in The Guardian about the myths at the heart of the United States economy.

The Lion suspects we may be in for a much harder ride if the country doesn’t sort itself out, mythologically speaking.

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One Response

  1. No shit – it’s about time somebody in the traditional mainstream media said it. We liberal curmudgeons have been bitterly muttering this refrain for decades.

    American productivity is world class – because we’re the only “First World” (pronounced with a silent gag) sweatshop nation.

    Small businesses are all over the place, provided you define ‘small business’ as ‘indentured franchisee of a megacorp.’

    We’re free to move on to a better job any time, or strike out on our own – as long as we didn’t develop a ‘pre-existing condition’ while in our current position, or are willing to face almost certain bankruptcy if we get ill again.

    WTF, though, we may be overworked, underpaid, disposable serfs of our corporate overlords, but at least we aren’t socialists. Excuse me, I meant ssssoocialisssstssss… BOO!


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