Michael Vick Back In The USSR Where Black Is White And Orwell Lives

Michael Vick, dog killer par excellence, looks likely to be working in the NFL sometime soon according to a bit in today’s Globe.

But that’s not the fun part. The really juicy part is about the big fat ego at work.

Meanwhile, in Hampton, Va., Vick told basketball campers at Hampton University to use his own story as an example as they work to follow their dreams.

Vick, who last month finished his federal prison sentence, told a crowd of about 250 to “use me as an example for your dreams.’’

Can Vick spell ‘nightmares’?

And of course there is the traditional placing of blame:

Vick also told them that after accomplishing his goals he “allowed someone who didn’t have my best interests at heart to take all that away from me,’’ according to a release from the school.

“Respect helps you to make wise decisions,’’ Vick said.

Yeah, someone forced him to brutally kill dogs; someone forced him to run a cruel and inhumane dogfighting business. Yeah, Michael, the Devil made you do it.

The man hasn’t a clue about respect or about responsibility. Someone put him back in his cage before we have to listen to more of this arrogant, self-serving drivel. Pretty soon he’ll be telling the press that his trial was fixed, that he was innocent, that he was framed. And the sports press, just as oblivious to reality and truth as their colleagues on the news desk, will take him seriously and present ‘balanced’ objectivity instead of calling this psycho clown a psycho clown.

Arf arf, you sick puppy!

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2 Responses

  1. Reason # 4,156,982 to root for whoever plays against the Eagles.


  2. Oh, no. He’s coming to PA. I’ll never hear the end of this from Evo.


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